Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Little Graduate

These pictures (with the purple, flowered dress) were taken the evening of the graduation party at the school.

Exactly 2 weeks ago my tiny, baby girl, Afton graduated from the 8th grade. Really? Am I that old. I remember my 8th grade graduation like it was yesterday. I had my hair done, my mom and grandma made my dress, the school band played the theme from Mash. Really, it seems like it wasn't that long ago...

But, this isn't about me... it's about Afton.

The thing I love about Afton is she doesn't put on any airs. She is who she is. Since she is tall (5' 81/4"), she was on the back row of graduates, and because she was an honor students she was on the end. This, coincidentally, meant that she was the first in the class to get her diploma. She was beautiful and raidiant, she gracefully got her diploma from the principal and then walked back to the center of the stage and posed for a photo or 2 from her "camera-happy" mom. I was impressed with her poise and unconcern about being by herself in the center of the stage while others waited. After the pictures she continued on across the stage.
About 1/2 way across she realized she was walking the wrong way. Of course she turned around and when the right way. She was embarrassed but pulled the whole thing off with great dignity. The good thing about it was I was probably the only parent to get a good photo of their student with their diploma. The rest of them (who did it right) got their diploma and immediately turned and when back to their seat. Afton you are a riot!

Afton was not only recognized for having high honors, she also received $25 and a medal for excellence in writing.

She cried when the exit music played, again, not afraid to show emotion. She has many friends and teachers whom she will miss and who will miss her, since she will be attending San Bentio High School next year instead of Anzar.

the back of the necklace says, "Luck; when preparation meets opportunity."

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Birthday Boy!

Well today Brad hit a big milestone... Today Brad turned 47.(right? 47 is one of the biggies?). And in honor of this special occasion I am posting 47 of Brad's "likes" and "dislikes".


1. Chase and Macy
2. Sleeping in
3. His Wife's cooking
4. Golfing
5. Being Funny
6. Exercising
7. See's Candy (especially the Butterscotch Squares)
8. REI
9. Seinfeld
10. Biking
11. Apple Products (if I itemized these out there would be more than 47)
12. The Beach
13. The San Jose Sharks
14. Yosemite
15. Home movies
16. Nice (read: expensive) Watches
17. 70's Rock
18. Multi-tasking
19. Good Socks (see #8)
20. The Oakland A's
21. His iTunes Music Collection
22. Sending Funny Emails
23. His Kids

24. Pretending to play the drums
25. Hershey's Hot Fudge
26. Playing "Name that Band"
27. Brian Regan
28. Competing with his brothers
29. Smoothies (especially one's with spinach)
30. Bishop Starkweather
31. Costco
32. Scuba Diving
33. The Canadian Rockies
34. Camping
35. Technology
36. Magic Tricks
37. Snow Skiing
38. Aqui
39. His Heritage
40. Slapstick Humor
41. Bugs Bunny Cartoons
42. Fudruckers (it's reopening... cause for celebration!)
43. His Vitamix (see #29)
44. Playing Pranks
45. Fish and Chips with Malt Vinegar
46. His Toes
47. Expounding


1. Poison Oak
2. Mirrors
3. Insomnia
4. Being out of shape
5. Conceited People
6. Reading Novels

7. Obama
8. Taking time off work
9. Big Deals
10. 80's Bands
11. Wasting Time
12. McDonalds
13. Pigeons
14. Apathy
15. His Birthday
16. Getting his Photo taken
17. Cats
18. Being Indoors
19. Uncomfortable Clothes
20. Trinkets
21. Dirty Counters
22. Poetry
23. Singing
24. Wrinkled Clothes
25. Vans (the shoes, not the vehicle)
26. Messy Fridge
27. Being Trendy
28. Denny's
29. Hidden Agendas
30. Reading
31. Analog Calendars
32. Ordering the same thing from a menu as someone else
33. Sightseeing Tours
34. Dressing up
35. Swallow's nests over the door
36. Hummers
37. Waiting

38. Going to bed early
39. Teeny-bopper movies, music etc.
40. Know-it-alls
41. Target
42. Unnecessary spending (this is very subjective, of course)
43. Rap Music
44. Small Talk
45. Sticky Drinks (that end up on the floor)
46. Gender Bender Day
47. Ice in his water

I love you Brad! Hope you had a great Birthday!