Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pizza and Whatnot

This is what I told Christy we were doing for Brady's 11th Birthday Party.  She commented that this was every 11 year old boy's dream... the pizza was great but the "whatnot" was the really cool part. I didn't take a picture of the pizza (I figure we all know what it looks like, plus I couldn't cook pizza, serve pizza, pour drinks, AND take pictures - whew! 11 little boys can eat and drink like the wind)  But here are plenty of pictures of the WHATNOT.

We played a game sort of like hot potato... except if you got stuck with the "potato" you had to pick something embarrassing (go go boots, skirt, funny hat) out of a bag to wear.  The person with the most "on" at the end lost.  I think Braden and Kort tied (Braden's Pink Platforms are my favorite).  It was quite funny.  And for the record, Garrett had played the game before.

Probably the game the boys loved the most was the one where we put 6 m&m's on a plate and then covered them with whipping cream.  The boys then had to eat the m&m's without using their hands.  silly, silly, silly... most of them didn't even care about eating the m&m's.  I'm gonna call it the "foaming dog" game.

RJ, done first (ya, I'm number 1)

Brady next (look mom, my hands are clean... for once)

Closely followed by Estaban (How would you rate this game? I give it 2 enthusiastic thumbs up)

Next came Kort (wait, wait, wait... I know I got all the m&m's but I didn't get every last molecule of whipped cream.)

Garrett (look at me, I know how to stay clean while I'm doing it because I've played this game before.)

Braden (ta da)

Martin (oh ya, if you take your time, you can cover your whole face with cream)

Marcus (hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee)

Zack (could I have some more please?)

They were more than happy to smear more whipped cream around just for the photo op.  (I love Bradley in the back peeping through)

We could have done this for the rest of the night and they would have been happy.  

The Skittle game came next
Roll the dice, if you get a 7, 11, or doubles you start sucking skittles out of a bowl with a straw.  You do this until the next person rolls a 7, 11 or doubles, then it's their turn.  The person with the most Skittles at the end wins. Garrett knew what to do, because he had played the game before. (Thanks Kaycie, this game has come in handy MANY-A-TIME)

Martin was the "pro".

Estaban had the cutest little "sucky-cheeks" (yes, this is a made up word, but the computer won't tell you it's wrong if you hyphenate).

Presents (9-11 year olds aren't much different than 3 year olds, I had to tell them to back up and give Brady some space about 15 times.  I just about put a tape line down for them to stay behind)

and Cake came next (poor Brady probably has never had a homemade cake.  Having your birthday less than a week before Christmas will do that - they said the icing tasted fake...I told them, that's because it probably was.)

After a rousing game of Cosmic Keepaway (Thank you Braden) they each got involved in separate activities.  I decided not to disturb them even though we had more games on tap. They were very good, and very well behaved, and very loud. Wow!

Several played with the new Tech Decks.  (Has any one figured out the attraction to these things?  Really, I mean, what's the point.  I even found Afton playing with them the next day... weird I think.)

Some watched "Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull"

And I found Bradley on the landing of the stairs playing "electronic baseball" (apparently Brad thought this was a good present he gave Brady.  He didn't even flinch when I took his picture - probably due to the fact that his mom is as big of a picture-taker as me.)

And just so all you moms know (and are comforted) the whole evening was Brought to you by this product:

Purell, hand sanitizer.
About midway through the night I went around to each kid with this bottle.  I didn't say a word, I just held it out and they each in turn, didn't say anything, didn't look at me funny or refuse use; they just dutifully held out their hands (we live in a different world than when I was a kid).  As far as I know, no "epizudik", "creepin' crud" or "Hong Kong Hangnails" were spread around on this night.  

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Four Monkeys and a Tiki Head

So I mentioned in my last post (the one about Thanksgiving)  that Caroline had questions by each of our plates asking us such things as, "What we would have done if we were starting a new country." or "Who we're thankful for." and other thought provoking questions to get us thinking about the importance of the day we were celebrating.  The question Kelsi got was perfect for her, but her answer cracked me up.  I thought I'd share.  Her question; "If you were to create a family crest, what would it look like and what symbolism would you use on it?  Her answer; "I don't know what it would really look like but the symbolism would be 4 monkeys and a tiki head."  After we all laughed, she went on to explain that she and Afton, Brady and Brad were the 4 monkeys and that I (the mom) was the tiki head.  She tried to explain by saying that the kids and dad are always goofing around like monkeys and that mom was the grumpy tiki head that was always trying to get them to stop.  

Hmph, I don't wanna be the Tiki head.  Does that mean I'm too serious?  Does that mean I'm too grumpy? Does that mean I don't know how to have fun?  I've never pictured myself as any of those things. What is it, exactly, that my family perceives me as? I guess I need to lighten up.
I also think I'm going to interpret "tiki head" as meaning "responsible".  That fits......right?

I guess I'll sign off for now.
Sincerely, The Tiki Head

Friday, November 28, 2008


And to think I call myself a photographer.  Here is the one measly photo I was able to get on Thanksgiving.  I put my battery on the charger before we left to go to the Anderson's  house for Thanksgiving dinner.  I had visions of taking pictures of all the good food and good company and I was even hoping to possibly squeeze in a family picture.  Well, not too long after we got there I hauled out my camera to start the picture taking frenzy and realized that my battery was 15 miles away sitting all by itself still in it's little charger (I wondered if it was lonely).  I pulled out by "backup" battery and shot this photo.  No sooner did the shutter click than the camera turned off again... dead as a doornail.  Pathetic.

Luckily the one photo I got was of Caroline's BEAUTIFUL table decorations (and our cute girls in the background) I love these candle holders and white pumpkins (I'm secretly a little jelly that she has them and I don't:D)  Also it is also good fortune that I don't particularly need photographs to have good memories.  We had a great time.  I don't EVER remember a time where all the food was so delicious and blended so well.  I mean YUM!!  I can't even pick a favorite, it was all so fabulous!

For dinner it was us and the Anderson's, and the Anderson's neighbor, Noelle, and her 2 kids. We enjoyed answering questions that Caroline placed at our plates and ate until we burst.  Later, the Isom's, the Merrell's, the Dietrich's and the Olrich's came over with an abundance of desserts. And... Again with the eating.  We laughed and talked and had a very great, great time!! Thanks for hosting Anderson's.  You guys rock.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Husband Tag

No, Husband Tag isn't a new reality show (like Wife Swap) it's just a post dedicated to that cute guy you call your husband.  And a few questions that maybe you haven't thought about for a long time or maybe not at all.  

1. Where did you meet?  In San Jose, in the Almaden Young Adult ward.  I always laugh when I say we met at church, but really, I think it's the perfect place to find a quality guy. (much better than a bar:)

2. How long did you date before you got married? The time that passed was 1 year, 2 months.  The time we dated was about 2 months at the beginning and then 7 or 8 months at the end.  The missing 4-5 months???  That's a story for another post

3. How long have you been married?  In a month it will be 18 years!

4. What is your favorite feature of his? I love his eyes, but he knows it's really his hands.  He has very sexy hands.  What is it about hands?  I could name off a whole list of guys with great hands (again, a post for another day... maybe)

5. What is your favorite quality of his? His ability to talk to people.  He is sincere and funny and very non-threatening.

6. Does he have a nick-name for you? No, not really, neither of us are big into nick-names.  I wish we were, it seems like a fun thing.  We have a few private jokes - but nothing that is used regularly

7. What is his favorite color?  I think it's blue.  I didn't know this for a long time.  I always thought it was green.  And just for the record, he looks awesome in burnt orange.

8. What is his favorite food?  He doesn't have any NOT favorite foods but he does rave if I make something like salmon with fruit salsa. (or if I make some sort of casserole like his mom used to make:-) And of course we can't forget See's Candy... is this really considered a food though?

9. What is his favorite sport? Golf to play, hockey to watch.

10. When was your first kiss?  Probably sometime mid November of 1989. He says I kissed him first... I don't think that was the case.

11. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? We like to go for walks, I wish they were strolls, but he likes power walks.  We like to watch Seinfeld reruns, they never seem to get old.

12. Do you have children? Yes, 3

13. Does he have a hidden talent? He's a really good singer

14. How old is he? 46 (yep, the truth is out)

15. Who said "I love you" first?  I'm not sure if he's ever said it?  LOL, just kidding... but we do have another way of saying it. (post for another day:)

16. What is his favorite type of Music?  80's techno.  (Ha!  Ha!  That is so far from the truth:)  Actually it's Classic Rock and 70's music.

17. What do you admire most about him?  He is super dedicated to his family.  He always wants what is right and best, he works hard and tirelessly to make sure we are taken care of and he has a real talent of "making things happen."

18. Do you think he will read this?  With a little reminder that I keep a blog he will.

There, that was fun.  Thanks Annette, I bet you thought I forgot.  Now it's all y'all's turn.  I want to hear all about your hubbys and how great they are.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Strange Phenomenon

No, it's not the crazed fans, no it's not the beautiful actors, no, it's not "hard to put down" books, it's not any of those things that causes this strange phenomenon in my brain.  It is the fact that I've been hearing my name over and over and over.  Not just my first name, but my last name and they are used together.  It's always been a little funny that I've heard my name in the air and seen my name in book stores, and that some of the girls at Girls Camp thought maybe it really was me; And that one of my cousins had to read the "about the author" section, just to make sure it wasn't me.  But it really didn't hit me until last night when I went to the midnight showing of "Twilight" that I found it all pretty surreal.  I ran into some teenagers that I know and they were clapping for me and telling me to take a bow.  Then as I was in the restroom, I overheard a half dozen conversations, all with my name inserted every now and again.  "Stephenie Meyer should be really pleased with how her movie turned out." "Did you see Stephenie Meyer in the movie?"  "Stephenie Meyer is my new favorite author."  "I heard Stephenie
 Meyer got some say-so in how the movie was filmed."  And on it went.  Funny that I heard, just yesterday, an ad on the radio about identity theft, where someone was talking about all 300 million names in the world and how lots of them are the same, and how is a retailer supposed to know if it is really you, or not.  At the time I was only half listening to the words, but then last night, as I waved my hand frantically infront of the automatic paper towel dispenser (I hate those things - but that is the subject of a later post) the commercial zinged into my brain.  Seeing all the "crazies" out at midnight on a school night, and this just in our little, half-dead town made me realize what a frenzy was going on all over the US last night.  Hmmmm, my little brain ruminated, "I wonder
 how much money Stephenie Meyer is making off of all of this?"  Not to mention, what with all the infatuated teens, crazed housewives, and vampire lovers, the books and other paraphernalia associated with the story, the resulting money has to be an astronomical amount. "Hmmm, I wonder", that little voice in my head said, "if I would be any good at identity theft?"  Na, just kidding, I'm just happy being one of those crazed housewives and with the small amount of glory of sharing the name of a relatively famous person - at least famous with all those infatuated teens, crazed housewives and vampire lovers - is enough for me right now.
But, if you are here looking for a report on the nights festivities you will not leave here disappointed. Being one of those housewives heretofore mentioned, I wanted to see the movie as quickly as was possible but reminded myself of my regular housewife responsibilities and the damage a midnight viewing of this movie would heave upon my already backed-up schedule, I quickly opted for an opening day viewing. I decided I could restrain myself from going to the very first show.  Well, as it turns out, all my other "crazed housewife friends" and I couldn't coordinate our schedules, what with toddlers at home, school, birthday parties, kids activities, early week, parent/teacher conferences and even one friend with a husband who wanted to torture himself by actually wanting to see the movie.  Several of us opted for the midnight show (how weird that of all the activities that we have going on in our lives - the one we were willing to sacrifice for this type of entertainment was sleep.) 

 I had been joking all week that I was going to wear my "Marry Me Edward" T-shirt, and that's all it was, a joke.  But after buying my ticket for the midnight show and having no one taking my jokes about the shirt seriously (why should they have taken me seriously?  It WAS a joke) Even after I had texted Caroline around 6 p.m saying something about, "You think I'm kidding about the shirt, but I'm not." I still wasn't planning on doing anything other than maybe wearing my jammie pants.  But then being the hair-brain that I am, little thoughts started coming in about it being midnight and why not be a little crazy (after all I AM one of "those" type of house wives).  I would have really preferred to have a cohort in this activity but by this time it was a little to late, and never being one to backdown from doing something I wanted to do, I got out my foam stamps, some paint and an old white t-shirt.  Before long I had the coolest looking "Marry Me Edward" t-shirt you've ever seen (providing you've seen any).  After all, I could wear my jacket over the top, and if I really got too embarrassed (um, ya) to be seen, I could just keep the jacket zipped up, right?  No need for that, several people wanted me to make one for them (hmm, maybe that's how I could make a little of that Twilight money...)

So all in all, it was fun, I was with my friends, I got to be a little crazy, I stayed up later than I have since - well, probably college, and I saw a fun movie by someone who I share name with. What could be better? As for the actual movie review.  I'll let you go and be the judge.  I think one should read the book before they go.  I think Rob Pattinson didn't look much like the Edward I had in my head (but really folks, let's face it, was there really anyone that would fit that description?) but have to say, I loved his voice, and he did grow on me as an appropriate Edward.  I loved Bella.  Jacob was perfect (too bad he wasn't just a little taller).  I loved Billy. I loved Charlie and Renee.  I really liked the Cullens (especially Alice).  Carlisle was great and Jasper cracked me up.  I personally think they over did it on the "whiteness" of the the Cullens' skin in some parts.  I thought it would have been nice to know the characters a little bit better, but I guess that's what the book is for right?  I loved Bella's school friends and their portrayal of the general "awkward-but-I'm-pressing-forward-in-my-crazy-teenage-thinking" that real teenagers have (it's what I love about teens).  I want to post a bunch of pictures of all the actors but I'm out of time and energy for this post, but if you're dying to see, go to this site it has pictures of them all.

(hmmm, there's gotta be a way to shorten this link... but I'll learn about that another day - sorry for my lack of computer know-how.)

Monday, November 3, 2008

One more day! One more time!

One more day, and I can't say I'll be sad when the election is over, but I'm going to say it one more time.  Vote YES on Proposition 8!!

And be sure to watch this video on YouTube.

(you might have to copy and paste the link)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Halloween is always such a stressful day... maybe not the whole day, but anytime you need to go anywhere where costumes are worn, it always seems to be a bit crazed!  We took these photos while we should have been in the car traveling to "trunk or treat" at the church.  Whatev. we still made it to the church in time, got loads of candy, saw cute people with cute costumes; and now here I sit in my jammies, in front of my computer, at 8:32pm, whilst all my kids are still off partying and stuffing their sticky, little faces with more sugar than should be allowed by any responsible mother.  Ahhh, the joys of Halloween with teens or preteens.  You can send them to someone else's house and pretend they are currently asking their host if there are any celery sticks in the fridge they can munch on.  Oh yes... the joys!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

98 Degrees

No, this isn't the band... this is the temperature it was at the pumpkin patch last Thurs. when we went hunting for pumpkins. (it always seems we can't visit a pumpkin patch unless it's over 90 degrees) Needless to say, everyone was mighty quick to pick out the pumpkin they wanted, none of this going back and forth, "Do I want this one or do I want that one...or hey! how about that one over there???"  Yep, pretty much they would have liked it if I just picked one out for them while they waited in the air conditioned car.  We brought Macy with us and she was most interested in the dead, rotten pumpkin she found off to the side.  But, heat wave aside, we still got some cute photos.  I love the green and the orange together.  Fall colors are fabulous even if it is Sahara Dessert weather.  Someday maybe I'll post some pictures of the other years we've spent in the pumpkin patch in the blazing heat.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


As most of you probably know, Brad is a Canadian.  Although he has been in the US for about 20 years it wasn't until about 2 years ago that he became naturalized.  He'd been intending to become such, for a long time, but it's funny how these things get away from you.  Plus, hearing horror stories from his brothers made it seem like an overwhelming, nigh unto impossible, task (he can now tell you it's really not).  This year he has the opportunity to participate in his first US election.  And what a doozy!  This crazy Presidential Election, and of course Prop. 8 here in CA.  What a perfect time to get in on the action.  We vote by mail around here so here are a couple of pics. I snapped of him in his first real US election.  Doesn't he look smart?  Our kids just laugh when they see him peering over the top of his glasses like this, but I think it's just cute.

Another opportunity Brad has now, as of Sunday, is to be a member of our ward's Bishopric at church.  It is a lot of responsibility and means some sacrifice on his (and his family's) part.  But you know what they say,  "Sacrifice brings blessings!"  I say bring 'em on ;-)  Brad will do a great job.  He is very diligent, he's a doer, everyone likes him and he has some serious skills in networking and computer know-how.  Not to mention he has an iphone - this has to aid in his qualifications, don't you think?

Speaking of the iphone... Since members of the Bishopric sit up front on the stand on Sundays, Brady's biggest concern is that he will no longer be able to play with Brad's iphone during church.  (Brad has some very cool applications on his phone, everything from etch-a-sketch, to photo-morph. to puzzles - ask him about it, I feel quite certain that he would be happy to show you)  Anyway, it sounds like Brady is going to have a new opportunity as well, to actually listen to what the speakers are saying.  I'll let you know how that goes.

Afton also has a new opportunity, which also started on Sunday.  She was called as the new president of her Beehive Class.  You know, the 12-13 year old girls at church.  There are about 12-15 girls in the class, she'll do great, what with being able to text and IM and email many of them (she must get her networking skills from her dad)  Not to mention, she'll get to be in charge (another fortae of hers).  Her Young Women leader is none other than her mom, Me.  I hope it will be a good thing.  I did feel inspired submitting her name... I'm just gonna keep reminding myself of that. She is a good girl and has tremendous leadership ability.  Did I mention she is one of the 2 team captains of her 8th grade volleyball team?  The coach picked her after 1 practice.  When she was wondering why, I told her it's not hard to see that she takes it seriously but still knows how to have fun.  I have a feeling this is how she is going to lead the Beehive class.

Go family!!!  You Rock!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Old Friends...



I got a text this afternoon from a number I didn't recognize - when I opened it it was from Adam Whitefield, my brother, Derek's best friend from high school.  He is currently living Utah. His text said he said he and his family were at the San Juan Bautista Mission and wondered if I was home.  

A little while later he, his wife, their daughters and her mother all showed up.  How fun (at least for Adam and me -- totally boring for his family, and mine who high-tailed it upstairs for the remainder of their visit.)  I haven't seen Adam in a good 17-18 years.  He looks exactly the same!  You look at the pictures and you be the judge.  It was hilarious to catch up on all the old people we knew as teenagers.  Adam has always been super friendly and he is no different now.  

A couple of  things I remember about Adam.  He memorized all the names of the kids in our family by a pencil my parents had made up that had all our names on it.  He can still recite them very quickly STEFDEREKKRISKARENSUZIEJANETSHANNON. We took a college drafting course together (I was always sooooo grateful he was there.  I didn't understand geometry at all and he was my lifeline in that class.)  The Whitefields owned a Rhodesian Ridgeback. He and his family drove an old car that had the engine out of an old police car.  He took his drivers test in our old, red VW Squareback and got points marked off because the window wouldn't roll down. Random things I know, but, isn't that what being a teenager is all about.

I think it's time for some sort of reunion with all those old people (oops, did I imply that all those people are old?) ahhhh! those were the days.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And the winner is....MACY!!


She is our new puppy!!  Isn't she the cutest?  There's something about a new puppy that just melts your heart, even if you aren't particularly a dog person!  That face, those ears, sweet puppy breath, even the whining at the door is endearing.  She is so AWESOME!!!.  She arrived at the San Jose airport from Boise Monday morning where Brad and I picked her up.  Many of you have probably seen those photos.  We decided we were going to surprise the kids.  They knew we were getting the puppy soon, but weren't sure when.  It was so fun on Monday night when we all finally arrived home for them to freak out over the new bundle of joy.  Our cover was just about blown about 25 during the day (we don't get home until 7:45 Monday nights) times as Brad couldn't control his "send" button and emailed photos to almost everyone we knew the second we left the airport parking lot.  I played dumb (not hard for me to do) a lot that day as friends we saw kept asking about the puppy.  It was all worth it to see their faces and hear their "puppy" screams as she came wandering through the house when we finally got home.

NOW!  Came the hard part.  Since we have known about the impending arrival of a new dog in our household for many months, we have had TONS (way too much) time to think over possible names for her.  When it came right down to it, there were several that most of us liked, a few that a couple of us liked and NONE that we all totally agreed on as our number 1 choice.  We all had our favorites, and no 2 were the same.  Brad liked Belle, I liked Indigo (Indi, for short), Kelsi liked Maggie, Afton liked Boo, and Brady liked Marshmallow.  We have all been campaigning for our favorite name for several weeks now, to no avail.  In fact in pure Meyer stubbornness the more we liked a certain name, the less everyone else liked it.  And the less everyone else liked it the more determined we were for the puppy to have that particular name.  All that day in the back of my head I knew we would have to pick a name that we may or may not have thought of yet, but that we hadn't verbally beaten to a pulp during all our conversations (I secretly mourned the name Indigo).  Finally after trying a few different ideas (short of drawing it out of a hat) and all failing miserably (with each of us more determined than ever the "win" the name game) Brad suggested Macy.  We all stopped, looked around at each other and then conceded that "I can live with that."  So, Macy it was! It was so easy to start calling her that right away.  It fits her, she is adorable we know we made the right decision.

Some other possible names we had on our list were
Blue (we all liked it, just a little bit boring and cliche)
And my "out of the box" suggestion "Java Blue" ( I think I was trying to liven up plain ol' Blue -- just as a side note, NO ONE liked it :-( typical)