Thursday, August 27, 2015

Collecting Glitter

I sit here in a hospital room only 1 week after finding out that Brady has Osteosarcoma. Devastated. Confused. Overwhelmed. Shocked. These are just a few of the all consuming feelings pressing on me. You can imagine that any decision making ability, rational thought or normal brain function came to a screeching halt.

By now you may have heard of of our campaign "Collect Glitter". I would like you to know how this came about and what it means.

The day after Brady's diagnosis, I was with two of my best friends. They were doing their best to be there for me, make me eat and get me doing normal things. At one point they asked how I was feeling. I told them I didn't know. I said I felt like I was immersed in a giant pool of black fog. I didn't know if I was upside down or right side up; moving frontward or backward, I was trying to look for the light, but was never sure if I was even going in the right direction. But I then told them that every once in a while I come across a golden piece of glitter. Something tiny and fading but that gives me a glimmer of hope and faith, helps me feel that I CAN and WILL move forward. It could be anything from a sweet message from a friend or "coincidence" (or not) that helps me see that God is in it and that he is aware of me. Some people call these tender mercies.

The day after this conversation took place, I was trudging around the hospital with Brady getting test after test, feeling a little bit numb, and making sure everything was in order before his treatment started. He was getting an EKG and I was sitting off to the side watching. Julie, the technician, off-handedly, said to Brady, "You are very photogenic." "This is a text book heart." and "Even I'm pretty impressed." It touched me to see Brady's healthy heart doing it's thing. I took a picture and posted it on social media with a caption that said just this. I was overwhelmed to see the responses of those viewing my posts. One of the comments was from my friend Tiffiny, who had been with me during the conversation about the glitter. She said,

"His healthy heart doing it's thing"
... one more piece of glitter to add in
Keep collecting those flecks!

I burst into to tears then and there. I texted her immediately to tell her that COLLECT GLITTER was going to become my motto through this whole ordeal. I was going to collect glitter and once I had enough, maybe all the flecks would all join together and make one giant, bright, ball of hope.

The more I thought about it the more it resonated with me. I pictured making t-shirts with this slogan, attached to a hashtag that went along with it, to encourage Brady and to give me and his friends and family something to focus on and just build up a lot of positive energy.

The hashtag we chose and Brady approved is, #bradysgoldenstateofmind. To promote the positive side and the power of the mind. We are collecting energy and light! Remember to use it when you are posting about Brady on social media. Feel free to use any other hashtags you might feel is appropriate. And share this link if you would like.

If you would like to order a T-shirt 

Go: to our Facebook Page
("Like" it while you're there, -- or send a post or look for a Brady update.) 

Send: a private message with your name, 
quantity of shirts and 
the size(s). (YXS-4XL - additional cost for 2XL and above)
If you would like to view the sizing chart go here.

Pay: The cost is $10/shirt (additional cost for 2XL and above)
plus a small cost per shirt if you need to have it shipped to you. (any proceeds we get will be donated to bone cancer research - there may not be any, unless you want to donate extra - completely your choice)

Pre-order: Right now we are taking pre-orders with shirts arriving Mid-September. If you want to order more after that date it WILL be possible!!

Payment Method: Right now check (made to Stefani Meyer) or cash is accepted. With PayPal options coming soon!


As you know, Brady is a great kid, and is taking things in stride (as he does so well). He is all on board with this idea and I think it gives him a measure of hope and faith along with all the rest of us. It is so inspiring to keep track of all the "pieces of glitter" that float past us in this giant pool of craziness. It reminds us that God is in the details. He really and truly IS in the details!