Friday, March 26, 2010

My Little #6

(from l to r: Coach Carlos, Isaiah, Brady, Dominic, RJ, Marcus, Lino, Esteban, Zack and Martin)

Brady played on the 6th grade basketball team this year. These boys have been playing together, hanging out together and been friends for a lot of years. Most of them are quite coordinated and good athletes. They have all played soccer and baseball together too. As a result they have become one of the teams to beat (It didn't hurt that they've got RJ on their team). It was fun to go to the games sit with the other mom's and cheer for these cute boys (I tell ya, they have quite the presence). They only ended up losing 2 games the whole season and the last game was only lost by 1 point, in overtime.

Coach Carlos was timid about playing Brady a lot in the beginning. But Brady proved himself and played a lot more toward the end. He was a good blocker and a fast runner. He made several points and kept the other teams from making several. He wasn't afraid to go up for a rebound and played a clean game. Maybe in the off season we'll work on dribbling a bit.

(Side note: In one of the earliest games Martin threw the ball from 3/4 court and made a basket at the buzzer... WOW!)

Brad and Brady have been playing a lot out in the driveway now that the days are longer. I am very proud of Brady.


Lindseys said...

Good job, Brady. Keep up the good work. Basketball is a fun sport that you can play for a long time.


Carolina said...

Go Brady, go!!!!!!!!!!!

karensumpter said...

Oh my gosh...Brady doesn't look like a little boy anymore. He's so tall!

Tiffiny said...

White boys CAN jump, Brady... don't let anyone tell you any different!! :)

Annette said...

YES, THEY CAN! You look awesome out there Brady! Those sound like some exciting games. Way to GO!!!

Joe and Julie said...

"That's my Brady!!"