Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Brown Suit Looks Familiar

On Sunday March 13th, Brad got released from the Bishopric. We are excited to have him back on our pew at church (even though he felt restricted by the limited legroom there:), we're excited to have him around in the evenings and we're excited to be able to take a Sunday afternoon nap with him. Not that we have minded him serving in the church. In fact, as the wife of our Stake President recently said about her husband, (and I think applies to most men who honor the priesthood), "He's much happier when he's serving, so out he goes." (I think of that quote all the time and it comforts me and cracks me up all at the same time.)

Brad is so good at so many things and loves to get stuff done. He has, dare I say, revolutionized parts of the ward through his enthusiasm, computer skills and tenacity. I know he loved serving under Bishop Starkweather and learned so much from this humble, determined man. But, it's time to rest -- even though we know it's probably of short duration. It's time to get a glimpse of Brad in his brown suit more than just seeing him at the pulpit (by the way give a shout out if you know my obscure reference here). We are proud of his service to the ward and by extension, to our family and friends.

But less than a week later, look what he was up to.
This is Guy Forever! Lovable host of the popular show "Minute To Win It"- youth conference style. He was incredible! He did a fantastic job M.C'ing the game during our regional youth conference this last weekend. How quickly the mantle fades. HA! (Weirdly enough our outfits matched that night - only in color though, not in outrageousness. Even the licorice he's holding matched.)

By the way, our new Bishop is Loren Dickson. One of our favorite people (EVER) and home teacher for the last 8 years! We hope this new responsibility for him doesn't mean a change in that assignment. We truly love him! He's an awesome man for the job! But lest we forget he is still human.... and still a fun guy (not to be confused with fungi).
The future Bishop Dickson with the future Guy Forever at Trinity Lake.


Shannon B said...

HOME FRONT, RIGHT!? I Love it! Glad Brad could get some "rest" before his next calling. I do like that quote, OUT HE GOES! I will have to remember that one. I love the bright red hair. I was thinking Ronald McDonald, but Guy Fieri works too! CUTE POST!!! :)

Lindseys said...

Congrats on getting released, Brad. Shannon beat me to the punch on the brown suit quote from homefront.

Love the Guy Forever outfit.


Joe and Julie said...

That is one of my favorite quotes from Homefront. One of the great things about callings in the Church is that they can be so dramatically different from one moment to the next. And one doesn't really "vie" for a position by "smooshing" with the right people or going to the right parties. No one in his right mind would want to "run" for bishop (for instance) but when the calling comes, it is accepted and the job is done. How fun is having bright red hair anyway (or whatever color you call that)? Brad is totally unpredictable for his wacky ways. But ya gotta love him.

Jennifer Miller said...

I've never seen homefront, I guess I had better get it!
It will be nice to have brad sitting with you again. Can't wait for the day Ben sits with crying kids!

Anna said...

Awww...I just read this out loud to Loren. And he said "Wow. That is so nice! and then said, "Brad (with emphasis on Brad) is the fun guy!"

Had to look up Homefront (big surprise)

It really is so amazing how dramatically different callings can be from one to the next, just like your dad said. Enjoy your man sitting by you. I will miss his awesome testimony's when he's conducting...but hopefully we will still get to hear from him lots on fast sundays.

We love the Meyers!!!

Carolina said...

Brad is one of great guy and I love his new red hair do!!!!

Kristen said...

We use "the brown suit looks familiar" quote around here every so often. We crack up over it! (it is very relevant sometimes too : ) )

Janet said...

well, i'm way late, but yes, I had forgotten it was called homefont, but I was going to say the lds commercials...
as for brad... what a fun guy! :)