Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bring on Spring!

Ok, after my little rant yesterday I decided that I should move on to more positive things.
This is what has been making me happy today--my front porch. I've been dying to brighten things up out there and the opportunity finally came. On Friday I was at Home Goods and found this ca-ute turquoise bench. With a little sweep of this and and little spray of that. Ba-da-bing, Ba-da-boom, my house (well porch) is ready for spring. I love it!
Here's a close up. I spray painted the flower pot last year. With some new bright flowers it goes perfectly here, don't you think?

This little orange dude was a drab olive color up until a couple of days ago. When I bought him I fully intended to spray paint him. I think I even bought the orange spray paint that very same day. As usual, I procrastinated and it took until I got all this other fun stuff out to finally get him done. I LOVE the way he looks now. I think he needs a name though. What would you suggest? I can't just call him "little orange dude", or can I?

It's nice that a little pop of color can brighten one's mood. Ahhh, yes!


Lydia said...

So Cute! See, you ARE awesome!!!!! I know he's an owl, but he sort of looks like a penguin, too, maybe just the fatness hanging over his little talons (I learned that from Napoleon Dynamite) like he's hiding an egg under there.

Spring happens slowly here - we have daffodils and a few blossoms, but it was cold today!

Carolina said...

I absolutely love that bench!!!! I am obsessed with turquoise these days. I want everything turquoise! What a cute porch, I want to go and hang out there!

Annette said...

So cute Stef! And the little bug eyed owl on the bench there, LOVE him too! Very very cheery :)

Lindseys said...

I vote that the owl should be called Ferpin.