Monday, September 12, 2011

...I'd Swim the Ocean for You...

...Oh whoa whoa whoa, oh Kelsi... (song lyrics by Metro Station)

So she's gone and done it... my little chicky flown the coop.  She's all grown up, and gone off to college.  I can hardly believe it. 
Brad and I had the opportunity to go and take her up to Rexburg at BYU-I this last week.  What an incredible place to be. Even though I went to that school and I'm moderately familiar with the campus and how things run, as a parent it became much more meaningful.  What an impressive institution.  If there was any doubt before (there really wasn't) I can feel fully confident that she is going to be well taken care of.  The spirit definitely dwells there.
Here she is with her van full of belongings.

It seems like she is going to get along with her roommates.  They are all from Utah. Their names are Stephanie, Brenna and Bethany. I wish I would have gotten a picture of them together before we left, but I guess that'll have to be a post for another time.  This, however, is the building where they live.

I did get a picture of the sisters before the parting of the ways

She's got a full load of classes, which incidentally started today.  (Side Note: she called me while I was working on this post and said the first day went great with only one major detour  -- she was holding the map sideways and walked to the other side of campus before she realized she was lost).

So how am I doing you ask?
It's amazing how many emotions I can feel, one right after the other.

and also
"I'm prodigiously proud of her.  I defy even Sir William Lucas to produce such a daughter. (Just a little Pride and Prejudice humor there.)

Good Luck! I love you Kelsi.  I really would swim the ocean for you.


Nate and Erin Russell said...

I. LOVE. BYU. I. way better than byu! i had heard rumors of kelsi going there and i am THRILLED that she decided to! would it be inappropriate for me to set her up with my brother in law? haha hopefully next time we go to visit my inlaws (no idea when that is going to be) i can go see my lil cuz! yay kelsi!

Lindseys said...

Congratulations Kelsi, you had better come visit us while you are somewhat close.

D-dawg said...

WOW I can't imagine dropping my firstborn at college- what a huge moment. I hope she loves it up there! I did! And I hope you get used to life without her- that must be hard and like you said, a mix of emotions! She is so cute by the way.

Kristen said...

I can't believe your little new-born is off to college! So excited for her!

Annette said...

Great post! I feel exactly the same, I told Anna say the word and i'd be there. But no need, they are in such good you said, the Lord's. The spirit was STRONG there. I couldn't get over it. So glad we're going through these mix of emotions together Stef! And yes, Kelsi is AWESOME!!!

karensumpter said...

Our little Kelsi is all grown up! You have produced a very fine daughter Stef (and Brad)! I am thinking of her often and hope she is loving it!!

Janet said...

So exciting for kels!!! I hope she LOVES it! Such an awesome place! As for the mom... I don't want to think about dropping em off at school in 8 years...
You are an awesome mom and she probably misses you tons!!