Friday, June 8, 2012

It's All Downhill From Here

So this coming Tuesday Brad will be officially reaching the top of the metaphoric hill.  Knowing this event was coming up, and not wanting to miss the opportunity to be roasted by celebrate with all of his friends, I threw him a surprise party.  Since it was a month early (exactly) he didn't suspect. Of course I'm not that sneaky, so I wouldn't be surprised if he caught wind of it and is just being nice about it.
I told him we were going on a surprise date and he just had to be ready to go at 7:00. In the mean time all the guests had gathered in the neighborhood rec-room. I told them to come dressed as old people. I thought it went hilariously well.

Afton and Nick helped me get everything ready. Seriously I couldn't have pulled it off without them. Except for the small, tiny, minor problem of them locking the only key IN the rec-room, while the chocolate covered strawberries melted in the car - and couldn't be brought home or Brad would have seen. It turned out to be only a small glitch in the end though.

Another thing each guest did was to take the Big Bad Brad Quiz. With some help from my online friend Angie - whom I've never met but I read her blog and we communicate via email every once in a while. She is cute and fun and creative and down to earth (her blog is here). So with her help, I came up with a fun way for people to pay tribute to their old good friend Brad.

They had to write a poem, fill in the blanks and then complete a small bio. We read them all out loud and tried to guess who wrote them.  I put them all in a folder so they can pulled out and read at Brad's funeral.  I just can't imagine Brad's funeral being a serious event, and these would be the perfect spring board for a rip-roaring good time. Our friends are so funny and quick.  I loved their answers. (Mind you, I'm not anticipating Brad's funeral anytime soon.)
Here's what the Big Bad Brad Quiz looked like 
(Take it if you want, send me a copy. I'll add it to the folder.)
And just incase one didn't get their fill of Brad Meyer, we also had a Brad word search.

Brad was so surprised when we walked in he was speechless. I'm glad we caught it on film, it doesn't happen often.

Now without further fanfare, here are the pictures of our hilarious friends and their interpretation of what an old person looks like.

Erin's got a hitch in her get-along.

Christy is a Hip Granny

The Darling Shattucks

Do I even need to say anything?

So these two proved that old(er) people aren't really as dorky as we made them out to be. Aren't they cute? Probably the coolest people at the party.

We've established that Christy is hip. Rob, just looks like he needs his daily dose of Metamucil.

I really want Erinn to be MY granny, she looks so cheery. Michael... um, it was nice of him to provide an awkward pillow for her to rest her head.

When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple and a red hat, so Tiffiny. Brandon = combination of Matt Foley/Chris Farley (who lives in a van down by the river) and Groucho Marks.

Rick and Denise Shattuck in the awkward old couple pose.

Christy your slip is showing... Leif, you have too many items in the pockets of your leisure pants. It's weighing you down.  

Zac, I think I'd do whatever she says.

Aw, Andy and Jodi love each other even after all these years. (The tennis balls on the walker are my favorite).

I want Brad and me to look like Jen and Jared when we grow up. Aren't they just so cute? Maybe we'll even be lucky enough to have a jacket like Jared's. (Side note: Jared actually wears this jacket to church. Not realizing this, I told him I saw his jacket while I was looking for our costumes at the Salvation Army. Oops! Sorry, my bad.)

Louis and his Trophy Wife, Brandi. Seriously though can't you see Louis out on a street corner playing the sax?

This is a little bit scary isn't it? My outfit, is in honor of my Grandma Lindsey. She really was the cutest grandma ever. I don't do her justice. Brad reminds me a little of his dad.
(another side note: The 2 afghans in the pictures were made by my 2 grandmas - the rust colored, crushed velvet chair came from Brad's Grandma.)

This is an awful photo, but I wanted you to see the close up of my baggy hose.  Awesome, right?

So several of our friends age so well you can hardly tell they dressed up at all.

Mark and Melinda Lawrence

Brent and Camille Cardall

Delisa and Steve Russell

Derek and Angie Banks

Loren and Annette Dickson were there too, but we have no proof. You'll have to take my word for it.

A highlight of the evening...We convinced Brad to do the "Dad of the Dance". Basically just a little rendition of Irish Dancing.
He also showed us his ugly toes -- you can thank me later for sparing you the photo.

I thought his flood pants war so endearing.

He loved all of his gifts of efferent, laxatives, joint medication and the like. He was overwhelmed.

He blew out all 50 candles in two blows. Nothing wrong with his lung capacity.

Don't worry we checked for an indoor sprinkler system before we even lit the cake. cough, cough...

This is my favorite picture of the night. "The Bromance".  Brad and Brandon, can't you picture them in a park playing checkers and talking about the glory days? 

Brad I am so lucky to have you! You add joy and interest to my otherwise mundane life. I love you! Let's go over the hill together shall we?


Joe and Julie said...

What a funny party. We were glad to be there. Happy Birthday officially now Bard.

Kristen said...

What a fun time! For the record, I asked mom and dad if they dressed up like old people for the party. Haha! I think they were the cutest couple there!

karensumpter said...

Wow...your friends (and you) really went all out for their costumes! I noticed the afgans--nice touch:) Fun times! Happy Birthday Brad!

Kelsi Meyer said...

Bahahaha! This is great! I love all the costumes. I wish I had been there.

Annette said...

I laughed so hard throughout this. Everyone looked awesome and you are hilarious with your captions!!! Great post Stef and great party! I agree that your parents were definitely the coolest people at the party. Happy Birthday Dr. Meyer!!!

Lindseys said...

Happy birthday, Brad. I think I know what mom and dad filled in for what Brad should have been named. Loved the Dad of the Dance video.

Peter and Amber said...

That looks like a great group of friends! Happy Birthday to Brad! :-)