Friday, November 21, 2008

Strange Phenomenon

No, it's not the crazed fans, no it's not the beautiful actors, no, it's not "hard to put down" books, it's not any of those things that causes this strange phenomenon in my brain.  It is the fact that I've been hearing my name over and over and over.  Not just my first name, but my last name and they are used together.  It's always been a little funny that I've heard my name in the air and seen my name in book stores, and that some of the girls at Girls Camp thought maybe it really was me; And that one of my cousins had to read the "about the author" section, just to make sure it wasn't me.  But it really didn't hit me until last night when I went to the midnight showing of "Twilight" that I found it all pretty surreal.  I ran into some teenagers that I know and they were clapping for me and telling me to take a bow.  Then as I was in the restroom, I overheard a half dozen conversations, all with my name inserted every now and again.  "Stephenie Meyer should be really pleased with how her movie turned out." "Did you see Stephenie Meyer in the movie?"  "Stephenie Meyer is my new favorite author."  "I heard Stephenie
 Meyer got some say-so in how the movie was filmed."  And on it went.  Funny that I heard, just yesterday, an ad on the radio about identity theft, where someone was talking about all 300 million names in the world and how lots of them are the same, and how is a retailer supposed to know if it is really you, or not.  At the time I was only half listening to the words, but then last night, as I waved my hand frantically infront of the automatic paper towel dispenser (I hate those things - but that is the subject of a later post) the commercial zinged into my brain.  Seeing all the "crazies" out at midnight on a school night, and this just in our little, half-dead town made me realize what a frenzy was going on all over the US last night.  Hmmmm, my little brain ruminated, "I wonder
 how much money Stephenie Meyer is making off of all of this?"  Not to mention, what with all the infatuated teens, crazed housewives, and vampire lovers, the books and other paraphernalia associated with the story, the resulting money has to be an astronomical amount. "Hmmm, I wonder", that little voice in my head said, "if I would be any good at identity theft?"  Na, just kidding, I'm just happy being one of those crazed housewives and with the small amount of glory of sharing the name of a relatively famous person - at least famous with all those infatuated teens, crazed housewives and vampire lovers - is enough for me right now.
But, if you are here looking for a report on the nights festivities you will not leave here disappointed. Being one of those housewives heretofore mentioned, I wanted to see the movie as quickly as was possible but reminded myself of my regular housewife responsibilities and the damage a midnight viewing of this movie would heave upon my already backed-up schedule, I quickly opted for an opening day viewing. I decided I could restrain myself from going to the very first show.  Well, as it turns out, all my other "crazed housewife friends" and I couldn't coordinate our schedules, what with toddlers at home, school, birthday parties, kids activities, early week, parent/teacher conferences and even one friend with a husband who wanted to torture himself by actually wanting to see the movie.  Several of us opted for the midnight show (how weird that of all the activities that we have going on in our lives - the one we were willing to sacrifice for this type of entertainment was sleep.) 

 I had been joking all week that I was going to wear my "Marry Me Edward" T-shirt, and that's all it was, a joke.  But after buying my ticket for the midnight show and having no one taking my jokes about the shirt seriously (why should they have taken me seriously?  It WAS a joke) Even after I had texted Caroline around 6 p.m saying something about, "You think I'm kidding about the shirt, but I'm not." I still wasn't planning on doing anything other than maybe wearing my jammie pants.  But then being the hair-brain that I am, little thoughts started coming in about it being midnight and why not be a little crazy (after all I AM one of "those" type of house wives).  I would have really preferred to have a cohort in this activity but by this time it was a little to late, and never being one to backdown from doing something I wanted to do, I got out my foam stamps, some paint and an old white t-shirt.  Before long I had the coolest looking "Marry Me Edward" t-shirt you've ever seen (providing you've seen any).  After all, I could wear my jacket over the top, and if I really got too embarrassed (um, ya) to be seen, I could just keep the jacket zipped up, right?  No need for that, several people wanted me to make one for them (hmm, maybe that's how I could make a little of that Twilight money...)

So all in all, it was fun, I was with my friends, I got to be a little crazy, I stayed up later than I have since - well, probably college, and I saw a fun movie by someone who I share name with. What could be better? As for the actual movie review.  I'll let you go and be the judge.  I think one should read the book before they go.  I think Rob Pattinson didn't look much like the Edward I had in my head (but really folks, let's face it, was there really anyone that would fit that description?) but have to say, I loved his voice, and he did grow on me as an appropriate Edward.  I loved Bella.  Jacob was perfect (too bad he wasn't just a little taller).  I loved Billy. I loved Charlie and Renee.  I really liked the Cullens (especially Alice).  Carlisle was great and Jasper cracked me up.  I personally think they over did it on the "whiteness" of the the Cullens' skin in some parts.  I thought it would have been nice to know the characters a little bit better, but I guess that's what the book is for right?  I loved Bella's school friends and their portrayal of the general "awkward-but-I'm-pressing-forward-in-my-crazy-teenage-thinking" that real teenagers have (it's what I love about teens).  I want to post a bunch of pictures of all the actors but I'm out of time and energy for this post, but if you're dying to see, go to this site it has pictures of them all.

(hmmm, there's gotta be a way to shorten this link... but I'll learn about that another day - sorry for my lack of computer know-how.)


Theriault Family said...

so funny that you ended up going to the midnight showing!! i LOVE the marry me edward t-shirt... it IS way better than any i've seen (for real)... i might go to the 9pm show on monday with some friends... then we can chat about it!

Di said...


Had a blast. Loved the movie, even with it's flaws.

And your t-shirt is a work of art!

annette said...

I agree with everything you wrote about the movie! Jasper was funny, huh? The rest were cast really well. It was fun! Your post was hilarious. Loren and I were sitting here laughing at all that you wrote. Very well said, even if it was lengthy.

Shannon B said...

I went last night and really liked it. I am impressed with the looks like a professional did it! Nice job. I would have gone with you at midnight if I lived there!!! CUTE POST STEFANI MEYER. I tell all my friends that you are Stefani Meyer and they are impressed for a bit until I tell them not THE Stefenie Meyer.

D-dawg said...

Awesome shirt!! I love it! The movie was great- Edward totally grows on you. I was worried at first but by the end I loved him. Great review!

Caroline said...

The funnest part about the movie was being with friends at an unearthly hour! Thanks for going! I want to see it again. Am I crazy? I submit that I AM!