Friday, November 28, 2008


And to think I call myself a photographer.  Here is the one measly photo I was able to get on Thanksgiving.  I put my battery on the charger before we left to go to the Anderson's  house for Thanksgiving dinner.  I had visions of taking pictures of all the good food and good company and I was even hoping to possibly squeeze in a family picture.  Well, not too long after we got there I hauled out my camera to start the picture taking frenzy and realized that my battery was 15 miles away sitting all by itself still in it's little charger (I wondered if it was lonely).  I pulled out by "backup" battery and shot this photo.  No sooner did the shutter click than the camera turned off again... dead as a doornail.  Pathetic.

Luckily the one photo I got was of Caroline's BEAUTIFUL table decorations (and our cute girls in the background) I love these candle holders and white pumpkins (I'm secretly a little jelly that she has them and I don't:D)  Also it is also good fortune that I don't particularly need photographs to have good memories.  We had a great time.  I don't EVER remember a time where all the food was so delicious and blended so well.  I mean YUM!!  I can't even pick a favorite, it was all so fabulous!

For dinner it was us and the Anderson's, and the Anderson's neighbor, Noelle, and her 2 kids. We enjoyed answering questions that Caroline placed at our plates and ate until we burst.  Later, the Isom's, the Merrell's, the Dietrich's and the Olrich's came over with an abundance of desserts. And... Again with the eating.  We laughed and talked and had a very great, great time!! Thanks for hosting Anderson's.  You guys rock.


annette said...

I can't believe that, about your battery! There is nothing more frustrating. Mine died on our hike at the Pinnacles today too. At least you were responsible enough to charge the dang thing. I know your food was delish! I could smell that amazing stuffing with the apples and craisins from my house. ;-)

Caroline said...

I can honestly say that this years' Thanksgiving will be one of those very memorable ones. Thanks so much for making it so. We love you guys!