Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Four Monkeys and a Tiki Head

So I mentioned in my last post (the one about Thanksgiving)  that Caroline had questions by each of our plates asking us such things as, "What we would have done if we were starting a new country." or "Who we're thankful for." and other thought provoking questions to get us thinking about the importance of the day we were celebrating.  The question Kelsi got was perfect for her, but her answer cracked me up.  I thought I'd share.  Her question; "If you were to create a family crest, what would it look like and what symbolism would you use on it?  Her answer; "I don't know what it would really look like but the symbolism would be 4 monkeys and a tiki head."  After we all laughed, she went on to explain that she and Afton, Brady and Brad were the 4 monkeys and that I (the mom) was the tiki head.  She tried to explain by saying that the kids and dad are always goofing around like monkeys and that mom was the grumpy tiki head that was always trying to get them to stop.  

Hmph, I don't wanna be the Tiki head.  Does that mean I'm too serious?  Does that mean I'm too grumpy? Does that mean I don't know how to have fun?  I've never pictured myself as any of those things. What is it, exactly, that my family perceives me as? I guess I need to lighten up.
I also think I'm going to interpret "tiki head" as meaning "responsible".  That fits......right?

I guess I'll sign off for now.
Sincerely, The Tiki Head


annette said...

I'm so glad you posted this story. It's so funny the way you told it today! And for Kelsi to pop up with that description on the spot is hilarious. Don't worry, you can't be nearly the "tiki" kind of head that I am. I'm the grumpy browed type. I bet she's thinking of you as the responsible type. Love it!

Caroline said...

Soooooo funny Stef! I was in the kitchen while Kelsi was answering this question and didn't catch the explanation of who the monkeys and tiki were:-) Love it! She is hilarious. I know my kids think I'm grumpy too. I think it goes with the territory of being a mom.

Tiffiny Sowards said...

Sorry in advance for the long comment....
But maybe Kelsi meant this as a compliment. This is what I know (b-cuz I googled it)
There are 4 major Tiki Gods (T.G. for short).
1)Ku the T.G. of War: As a mother you would go to war for your children if necessary.
2)Lono the T.G. of Fertility & Peace: You've proven your fertility by bearing children and now you just want them to be at peace with one another.
3) Kane the T.G. of Light and Life: You are trying to instill in them the knowledge to live in such a way that the Light of Christ is always with them. Then they will make choices to gain Eternal life.
4) Kanaloa the T.G. of the Sea: You love the beach, simple as that.

So this is just a little tid-bit of Tiki history mingled with the interpretation of Tiffiny Sowards

The End

Peter and Amber said...

Hi Sister Meyer (I guess I am old enough to call you Stefani now right)?!?

I found your blog and thought I would stop by and say hi! It's crazy to see how big the kids are...I remember babysitting Kelsi when she was just born! Hope all is well!


D-dawg said...

I am a tiki head too and yes it means responsible!!! Someone has to be!!

This is a great story. Someday she'll be the tiki head of her family and you can throw it back at her (o: