Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happiness is...

There are so many things to blog about.  I have a huge list, our trip to Pismo, Kelsi's 16th Birthday, why I like Subway, Quirks... mondegreen, heck I haven't even blogged about Valentine's day.  But I just read a blog that talked about happiness.  She challenged everyone reading to look at things with a positive spin today.  She talked about feeling energetic and optimistic!   She challenged, walk around saying "Happiness is..." and then fill in the blank.  Her message made me feel energetic and optimistic... so I thought I'd try some for myself.

Here are a few so far for today.

1.  Happiness is... being able to feed the servants of the Lord and to have them trust us to bring investigators into our home.  I think they also enjoyed the food. I know I did. (Apple stuffed Chicken Breast, Sesame Seed Asparagus, Wild Rice and Strawberry Shortcake, YUM!)

2.  Happiness is... having a boy who likes to put his arm around me as we walk/skip up the stairs singing "We're off to see the Wizard" (it has now developed into just singing "blah, blah, blah" instead of singing the right words). Too cute!

3.  Happiness is... a beautiful, bright sunrise.

4.  Happiness is... great kids with great talents and a desire to be active and have fun.

Now in the interest of full disclosure, these things did not start out as positives this morning. But after I twisted my way of thinking, I feel like it's going to be an energetic day.

Here's what they started out as

1.  Uggghhh, Look at the Kitchen! I am starting the day off with tons of pots and pans to put away (I cleaned them all last night, but had a MOUNTAIN of laundry that needed my attention, so I left the pans to put away 'til today... not always a good choice)

here's what my kitchen looked like this morning... really depressing (but another positive spin... just to the right of this picture are sitting my scrapbooking supplies... right now it adds to the mess, but ooooo they make me happy, and I might even use them today)

2.  Brady I am not going upstairs AGAIN.  I've already gone up and down the stairs too many times with you today.  You can dry your own hair.

3.  There goes 40 minutes where I could have been exercising or cleaning or SLEEPING! (I had to drive Kelsi to Seminary today)

4.  Oh my gosh, that's all I do is drive back and forth. I've got to pick Kelsi up at 3:15 and then have Afton BACK to Hollister by 4:30 for  a volleyball game?? What kind of life do I have?

Really, this is how I was feeling this morning.  I read it back now and it sounds so negative.  Thanks Stacy J. for the continued positive inspiration!  I would recommend you all try it!


Carolina said...

I am so glad for blogs and that I can read yours to know what's going on and to keep in touch with my friend Stefani.
You are a happy person and a great example of that to me!!!

Joe and Julie said...

I see... so life can have both positive and negative aspects. Mom used to tell her seminary students: "When things aren't going well, you can either laugh or cry... but people like you better if you laugh." We love your cheery comments. And we love you, too.

julie said...

Here's to keeping it real. I LOVE that! Especially on days when my 22 month old spilled an entire bin of cheetos on the light wool rug, and then stepped on it, all within 2 minutes while I checked facebook. Darned facebook!