Friday, April 17, 2009

Photo Tag...

My sister Shannon photo tagged me... so now it's my turn to tag someone.  I tag Annette, Caroline, Lydia and Tiffiny.

Take a picture of yourself with no preparing or primping.  Just do it how you are right now, and post it on your blog with a tag for someone else to do it.
Talk about NO primping... we just got back from the beach... yikes. Beach hair all the way.

Oh, and sorry about Brady in the background, he just can't resist being goofy.

PS. I'm still waiting for all my sisters to post their pictures from Shannon's tag - come on I know you are, for sure, cuter than me.


Shannon B said...

I can't believe you just got back from the beach! You look BEAUTIFUL!!!! Crazy Brady!!!! :0)

annette said...

Do I have to??? I just got home from the late show...17 again (which we need to discuss) You look incredibly beautiful in that picture, btw. You have a nice glow going on! I'm looking like a beet myself. Good times today!

karensumpter said...

your hair is getting so long!

Natalie said...

i echo shanny
you're a babe

Carolina said...

Oh, come on Stefani! You always look beautiful!