Monday, September 21, 2009

Needs Encouragement

This is something all of us need right now. Brad and I, and the kids and Chase and Macy need encouragement in our new venture. We adopted an 11 month old Weimeranner (yes another one). Troy was "rescued" from a guy in L.A. whose living circumstances has changed and was not able to take care of him anymore. He is beautiful and smart and typical for the breed. But he is a handful! If I didn't know better I'd think he had ADD.
Attention span, short.
Eyes, crazy.
Personality, instigator.
Temperament, busy.
I don't think this is the REAL Troy. He is not a mean dog, but it is obvious he hasn't had much structure in his life. He doesn't know what to do with himself (and the other dogs). He wants to fit in, but doesn't know how to handle things. It's clear he's never chewed a rawhide, he's never been to a groomer, he doesn't know how to walk on a leash, he doesn't know how to sleep in a crate, he doesn't know how to come, he doesn't know how to ride in a car, he doesn't know how to eat on a schedule, he doesn't know how to hold still and just be petted. It is quite frustrating for us, for Chase and Macy and, I'm sure, for Troy. Troy also needs encouragement. Poor guy!

he's got potential. He plays fetch better than anyone else in our house including Brady (haa, that's just a little humor there) I see the wheels turning (in Troy, not Brady - ha, humor again) when I reward him for sitting or for walking 3 steps on a leash without pulling. This morning as the 3 of them were eating, Troy would take his usual 2 bites and then instead of getting distracted and walking away, he walked over first to Chase, observed he was still eating and then went back and took a few more bites. Then he went to Macy and could see she was enjoying her food. Again he walked back to his bowl and just about finished it off before he wandered off for good. A far cry from the 2 mouthfuls he usually takes, before we remove his food completely. He will learn from their good example. (Really, we never realized what perfect dogs they have become until Troy showed up)

He's a sweetie and I'm excited to see his real personality emerge as he learns his boundaries. I'm determined to bond with him. I'll be keeping you posted.

Now excuse me while I go sew the stuffed bunny ear back on that he tore off and while I go help him practice being on a leash with out ripping the person arm off. Wish me luck!

PS. One more thing it's funny that his name is Troy. This just just proves we'll have to get another dog, a female named Gabriella :D


karensumpter said...

he sounds like a toddler. it'll be fun to see his progress. good luck!

Tiffiny Sowards said...

I didn't realize you guys pulled the trigger on this! Wow. Good luck! Sounds like Chase & Macy are already showing him the ropes. (and it's a good sign that he already knows his place in the family and is not struggling to be the Alpha Male)

Eric and Lydia said...

maybe they have ritalin for dogs! i think that's the route i would go...;)

Joe and Julie said...

... with all the things Troy hasn't done, I'll bet that he has never been to Boston in the Fall either.