Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Valentine Story

This has always been one of my favorite pictures. It is of my mom and dad about 3 months before they got married. Many of you have seen it, commented on it and enjoyed it as well. But what you may or may not know is that there is a story here. Now this is a very subjective story. I am not going to call my parents to clarify details and make sure I've got all the facts right. I am relating it here as I see it, as I remember, as I have pieced together over the years. Basically it is my own interpretation and I like the way it is in my mind. But I will have to say the basis is TRUE and a very good lesson for anyone who has a sweetheart.

Dad grew up in Philadelphia, in a proper eastern family, with a brother and a sister. While his family was close, they did a lot of their "own" things, in their "own" rooms. They loved to tinker and take things apart and put them back together, just because they could. Clearly dad enjoys electronics, gadgets and, in this case, ham radios...

Mom grew up on a dairy farm in Idaho, the second oldest in a family of 9 kids. There was constant motion. They are the "salt of the earth" type of people. Not particular proper but good, fun-loving people. Mom went to BYU where she had the constant buzz of an apartment full of roommates. Then in August of 1964 she and my dad were married.

They stayed in Provo while most of the other people they had associated with had gone home for the summer. Suddenly all they had were each other. Not such a hard test for Dad who was used to being alone with his interests and hobbies and relatively few people around, but mom felt totally alone, isolated and a bit unsure of how to tell her new husband that she needed him more than ever. She claims this is one of the hardest times of her life. Feeling so lonely, waiting for her husband to come home from work only to have him retreat to the ham radio and talk to everyone else on the planet except her. When the truth was finally made known, Dad did a very nobel, but very hard thing. He got rid of all of his ham radio operator equipment. He did it for his sweetheart, his valentine. He told her that if it was still around he knew he he would use it. He didn't want it to come between them.

I have often thought about this when I have become a bit too involved in a particular hobby, would I, should I or COULD I give it up for the one I love? It may not always be necessary to completely give things up, but the lesson is clear and the message is sweet.

I love you Dad and Mom!


annette said...

Wow! That is an incredible story and a really good I needed to read. Thanks for sharing it. Your parents are THE BEST and you are definitely a chip off the ol' block my dear! So glad I get to know all of you!!!

Janet said...

Love it stef! when you told that story here, it was the first time I had heard it! So glad to hear it from your perspective!