Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Hero!

So yesterday Brad went golfing, it was a historic day! No, not because he went golfing, (we'd have lots of historic days if that's all it took) but because that boy hit a HOLE IN ONE! Woot Woot! Can you even stand it?
(Brad and his winning ball. Mark looking on enviously, in the background. BTW, check out the AWESOME day here in the 831)

This is the second one he's hit in his life. It was on the 8th hole at San Juan Oaks Golf Course. He gets his name on a plaque in the club house. He get's to be in the newspaper. And, of course, according to tradition, he got to buy his buddies, drinks, lunch and whatever else they wanted (weird tradition, I think).

(Mark, Slick, Jerry and Sung. Enjoying the spoils)

However, I know he was thinking of me the whole time he was out on the greens. Thinking, "How can I prove my love for Stef?" This was obviously what he came up with. I love you too Slick! I'm proud of you!

If just in case you are wondering what your odds of making a hole in one are, check out these stats, thanks to Golf Digest:

5,000 to 1 for a "low-handicapper," 12,000 to 1 for an "average player." If you are a low-handicapper and play 1,000 rounds in your life, according to Scheid, you have a 20-percent chance of recording an ace. If you play 5,000 rounds, your odds are 1:1.

The Golf Digest study provided many great nuggets of information, even breaking the odds down by quality of play:

  • Tour player making an ace: 3,000 to 1
  • Low-handicapper making an ace: 5,000 to 1
  • Average player making an ace: 12,000 to 1
  • Some other highlights from Scheid's calculations:
  • Average player acing a 200-yard hole: 150,000 to 1
  • Two players from the same foursome acing the same hole: 17 million to 1
  • One player making two holes-in-one in the same round: 67 million to 1

And now you know.


Carolina said...

Wow, go Brad!!!!! And definitely loving that heading Family Pic!!!!
You guys can manage to make dorky faces and still look fabulous!!!

Shannon B said...

Pretty awesome Brad! Will you re-inact it for us next time we see you? You've got some pretty good odds!!

Lindseys said...

Good work, Brad. What was the distance on the hole? Was it a perfect shot, or a lousy shot that went in?

Love the new family pic.


Annette said...

That is impressive! Loren says he can now join him in the two hole in one club, and says lets make it a tripple. (he who never golfs knows both times for him were a fluke) Nevertheless he says he's done it twice too, so I must believe him, haha. The family photo at the top is THE BEST! It's true, you all do manage to still look gorgeous...and Brad reminds me of Beaker there. So hilarious!