Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Break!

Life really doesn't get any better than having awesome weather at the beach and being there with family and friends (Dickson's, Lawrences and Sowards) and the Scouts (ok Lawrence's had a Toyota, we'll forgive them this once). We went to Pismo Beach for a few days last week while the kids were out of school for spring break.
Here is my photo journal for the trip.

Getting ready to go

The guys lookin' chill, checking out the rigs (Brady doesn't like what he sees)

What, pray tell, is that big, yellow beast following us?

Shaelyn got to come with us. These girls are practically siamese twins, joined at the ear(bud)

Getting to the Hotel by the Ocean. (And proof that I actually WAS on the trip)

The guys couldn't wait to get the Scouts on the dunes. They left some of us to walk for miles to find them. Thanks to the miracle of modern cell phones we were able to bug them enough that they finally came back and got us.

Loren gets pulled over - I guess 15 mph is the speed limit on the beach.
We didn't want to get too close for fear of getting a ticket as well. Thanks again to the miracle of modern cell phones, Annette called us and told us to scram because the sheriff wanted to give us a ticket too. It turns out neither of us got one. Just warnings.

Brandon Gets stuck. Loren pulls him out

Brad is beyond excited to be cruisin' the dunes (Shaelyn is pretty thrilled too)

Cute Garrett and Cute Taylor. Life is sweet in the back of a Jeep... er...uh, Toyota

Catching "Major Air" (Sowards, Meyers, Dicksons)

If a Scout can be picturesque, this is it.

Afton got to test her driving skills

Brandon contemplating life

The boys contemplating sand wegdies

The girls contemplating being in Bay Watch (Reef contemplating being with all the "hot babes")

Cutest little beach bum, Corey

Notice Reef (still with the hot babes)

Mercedes playing a little ball

Might as well JUMP!

There were lots of Lady Bugs. At the beach? Really? Who knew?

Some in our group had been waiting for 3 years to get back to Jocko's. Was it a legend? A myth? Is this really where they serve the food of the Gods?

Can you feel the anticipation?

The wait, even with reservations, suggests something fabulous ahead

It really was all it was cracked up to be. Oak Fired Steak, Garlic Bread, Baked Potatoes and relish plate. Life just does not get better. This is the stuff dreams (and a little indigestion) are made of.

"It's a good hurt!"

The Barby!

Another cause for Celebration...

Kelsi's 17th Birthday!! Woot! Woot!

Everyone enjoyed the BIGGEST, best and most frosting covered Cinnamon Rolls around! They're award winning for a reason! WOW!

Did she really eat the whole thing?

Shae was covered. Finger lickin' good!

The crazy thing was, we all thought we could feast on the breakfast buffet along with the cinnamon rolls. Burp!
Garrett was thrilled to find out it was all you can eat.

Mmmm... tasty!

Breakfast by the pool. Anna by the hot tub

Corey wonders what it would be like to swim in Apple Juice (he tries to find out by dumping his glassful into the water)

Zack likes the idea of swimming less than 30 minutes after he eats. He lives on the edge.

Brady and Corey. Brotha's from different Motha's

Ready to roll.
Roll back to the rooms that is, and sleep off some of the breakfast.

Artistic Pismo - I had some extra time alone and took some fun shots around town
The Blue wall is intriguing to me

I love reflection pictures. This one was especially cool because I caught my reflection in the window and if you look carefully, you can see an additional reflection in a mirror on the back wall of the store.

Complimentary Colors occurring naturally -- it makes me giddy

I'm not sure this occurred naturally. I liked it anyway

Maybe I should enlarge this, frame it and hang it out back over Brad's favorite adirondack chair. Ya, too bad he doesn't have one of those.

We created some great memories and a few skid marks in the sand!
Life really doesn't get any better than this. We are so blessed to have had this time, these friends, and a spring break! We love you Pismo! We'll be baAaack!


Jonathon and Sarah said...

Wow, you guys are wild and crazy. Who knew :) It looks like so much fun. Oh, and I really want one of those cinnamon rolls. YUM!

Lindseys said...

Looks like a lot of fun. It's been a long time since I've been to Pismo Beach (like 25 years.) I liked the pictures around town - especially the evolve one. :) I think I actually went bowling at the bowling alley you too the picture of.

Annette said...

Hilarious!!! What's got into YOU?! I don't want to even post about it now. That was so entertaining :) And when did you take all those artsy pictures, when you got away on your own? I can't wait to go back!

Eric and Lydia said...

fun! we miss you!

karensumpter said...

Looks so fun! Has anyone ever said that Afton looks like the girl from Mama Mia...the one who is supposed to be getting married.

keeper.christensen said...

Holy cow! That looks like a blast! Keeper's jealous now!

Vern said...

I am a huge fan of your family photo in the header! And any pictures that involve the beach involve my covetousness. The Baywatch picture gets the award.

Janet said...

wow, so fun! how have i never been to pismo beach? next time, we're coming with you!

Joe and Julie said...

This kind of fun is what family memories are made of. Glad you all could get away.