Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Five #1 - Running Edition

Some of you know I regularly read Stacy Julian's Blog. She periodically posts her Friday Five. You know, things that she has bought, has done or is into at the time. Sometimes I find or hear about really cool stuff there. I don't purport to be as "cool" as Stacy is, but sometimes I have things I want to share that maybe you'll like too. Am I being too presumptuous? Even if you're not interested in what I post for yourself, maybe you'll gain insight into me and my twisted little life. Aren't you excited?

This, my very first Friday Five, happens to be about my running stuff. Now mind you, not really any of this stuff makes me run faster or more efficiently, to me it's just good karma stuff. And in my book that's really important.

The Equipment
Ok, I know this is not the most accurate system for keeping track of your distances and times, but I love the Nike+iPod kit. It's a little sensor that you can fit into the bottom of your Nike shoe (I believe all, or at least most Nikes are made with this feature now) that talks to a little transmitter that you can fit into the bottom of your iPod (or iPhone). It keeps track of your distances, times, calories, pace etc. as you run. Plus you can play any playlist you've got on your iPod while you are running. Not to mention you get the likes of Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Brandy Chastaine (yes, the epitome of morals and values - but none the less, motivational fitness authorities) encouraging you or congratulating you at the end of a work out. If you want some training, you can actually download a workout and the Nike running coach will be in your ear every so often telling you to speed up or keep going or whatever. These training downloads are fun and helpful, but, fyi, they choose the music. Because we all run at a different pace you are able to calibrate the transmitter to fit with your stride and pace, even though mine thinks I run a little faster than I do. For example, when I ran the 10 mile race back in January, it told me I finished about 1 mile before I actually did. I'm going to have to figure that one out. But mostly it just gives me an idea of how I'm doing and if I did better than last time. You can also set up an account at Nike that will store all your data for easy viewing and sharing if you desire. Don't own a pair of Nikes? Good news! They also make a little pouch that will hold your sensor that you can tie into the laces of any pair of running shoes.
These kits can be purchased at any sporting goods store, at Nike, and I saw them yesterday at the Apple store, for $25-$30.

The Music
I have a fun and energetic playlist for running, but my latest motivational running music is some of the songs from the TV show Glee. Even if you don't watch the show the music is still awesome! Upbeat, and in some cases, better versions than the originals. Try it!

The Info
I just bought me one of these sweet things. It's called RoadID. You can get them in a variety of colors and even get to choose a charity to donate some of the proceeds to. I chose Breast Cancer, since the very week I ordered I lost a good friend to Breast Cancer. Maybe I should have chosen the pink band, but then again Karen was always a little unorthodox. In memory of you Karen. RoadID's are very easy to order and very comfortable to wear. They won't protect you from an accident, but in the event one occurs, those on the scene will have a better idea of what to do or who to contact.
They even give you a line to put a favorite quote or motivational phrase. Mine is... Create a life you love. Running helps me to have that life, and it reminds me that I CHOSE this!

The Jewelry
I know, I know, how silly. But I bought this necklace back when I was first starting this whole running thing. I was a little bit scared of running and wasn't sure if I was really cut out for it. Plus I knew I was capable of running, but I didn't just want to run, I wanted to love to run, or at least just really like it. I bought this necklace to remind me that loving something is often a mindset. And as I feel it bouncing against me as I go, it drums out a rhythm LOVE TO RUN, LOVE TO RUN. You can buy one for yourself here. (and bonus, they have earrings too if you want)

The Brilliant Idea
I wish I could say that one of my running accessories was this
But not yet... maybe next month. In the mean time I am using this dime-a-dozen hair clip to solve my earbud problems. While I'm running I put the cord of my iPod headphones down my shirt or out my sleeve to keep the cord from getting in the way but something that commonly occurs with this is, the cord gets kind of stuck in my shirt and rips the earbuds out of my ears. Using this clip solved that problem and has made fighting with the cord a non-issue. Brad told me I should patent it. Hmmm, maybe I should.

Cathy Zielske's is another blog I follow. She is someone I know from scrapbooking days. So I have to warn you she does post about scrapbooking. But she has recently taken up running and has a funny and down to earth way of talking about it. I find I'm pretty inspired after I read her posts. I wasn't going to bore you with the details but just this morning she posted this link where she has all of her fitness, weight loss and running posts isolated. You might like her too.


Carolina said...

I really never ever thought either one of us would be into running!!! And here we are!! Next on the things to conquer: learn to love brussel sprouts and eat them like chips! Ha!

Joe and Julie said...

You look "wired" (or was that "weird")

Annette said...

Loren bought me a Nano for our anniversary, so yesterday I added a bunch of running music because stored in my subconscience was a list of running songs you suggested here. I added those. now I may have to order the cute necklace. Thanks for motivating me sister ;)