Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bieber Fever

Yes it has struck! No, we're not embarrassed!
Justin Bieber, while he gets a bad rap from many - "Ewww, you like Justin Bieber? Ewwww!" -he really is a talented little guy. Those who have issues with him are just trying to prove something or they're just really not paying attention. I believe many get hung up on his age (17) and his not so deep voice (um, people it's called falsetto), and bubbly, pop music, which are strange reasons I think. Aren't these the exact characteristics that propelled Michael Jackson to world wide fame? While we all admit Justin IS a bit on the egotistical side, he really IS talented. He sings, he plays piano, guitar and drums, among other instruments. He's adorably charming and he knows how to dance, perform and boy, does he EVER know how to work a crowd. So, since we don't have to deal with his inflated ego first hand, we can handle him, enjoy him even. Ok, so his songs are a little bit sappy, but think of his target audience (teen and pre-teen girls) - he is SO doing it right.

Afton and I went with the Cheryl and Nicole Pfister to see Justin Bieber in concert a couple of weeks ago at Oakland's Oracle Arena. It was fun and energetic and if you could endure lots and lots of high pitched screaming, good times were had by all.

Fudruckers before the show - I love this picture

J.B. shirts from Hot Topic

Waiting, waiting, waiting. Random screaming would break out all over the stadium in anticipation

Lots of hair adjusting (trademark) went on during the show

This is my favorite shot of the night

Come on now really, what's not to love?


Shannon B said...

HAHA...I don't know too many of his songs but I do think he is pretty cute. I thought his teeth were a little "invasive" at first but I DO find him very enduring now. Syd even likes him! Looks like an AWESOME fun concert!!!!

Jennifer Miller said...

HA! fun... my kiddos love him too.
loved the running post, I need to get one of those nike shoe things. $30 buck is not that bad!

karensumpter said...

my beehives love him...the mia maids roll their eyes, but I'm sure they secretly love him too:)

Jonathon and Sarah said...

You are such a cool mom! I want my kids to want me at a concert when they are teenagers.

Kelsi Meyer said...

Hey I'm a laurel and I think he's pretty cool. I'm not a screaming, swooning fan like most, but I like most of his music and would gladly stick up for him if anyone bashes him. :)

Annette said...

We've got some Bieber fever goin' on over here too. And Kels, I love it!!!