Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Infused with Halloween

So as I was checking my regular blogs this morning there were 3 of them talking about Christmas. What the What? Just so you know, I'm posting right here in my blog that we are still infused with Halloween here at our house. And it's fun!

First off I have to point out that this year I got my decorations up by Oct. 1. We get to enjoy a full month of THESE fun little numbers.
Second, I want to post some pictures of a cute and fun Witch Party that my friend KC put together last Friday Night!

Here is KC herself next to her very cool and very spooky mantle. (BTW, she is the new Ward Activity Chair-- clearly she's the gal for the job!)

I went to the party as the Hawaiian Surfer witch. I was in the midst of sewing (I know, not my brightest idea, right?) a sparkly, purple witch costume for myself, but about an hour before the party I finally gave up. The glue holding the sequins on the fabric was gumming up my needle. I knew I had to come up with something quick. Luckily we had a generic black witches dress, so I jazzed it up with some costume box standbys. My impromptu costume took the prize for most original. Yay for me! Yay for costume boxes! (Just don't ask me what my leis are doing up around my neck - weird)

Melinda, Caroline, Jan and Camille.
We were served appetizers, tomato soup, salad, rolls, stroganoff, and some yummy desserts - one of which was Jeanette's famous chocolate cake. And we didn't have no stinkin' paper plates either. This was a first class affair.

Erin, Jeanette, Erinn, Caroline and Randalynn (oh, and look at Caroline's spider bracelet! So cute (er, I mean creepy). And the best news, she gave one to me too!!!)

Kristine, Shannon, Melinda, Christy

Lay, Jan and Jen

Liz, Christy, KC, Annette and Stef (and of course we can't forget baby ghost, Cruz)


And here is my parting HALLOWEEN shot for you to enjoy. This wasn't really meant to be a decoration, they just happened to be together. It was a $1 section stuffed bat shoved in a $1 section orange bucket. It was sitting on my desk. It was cracking me up and infusing me with halloween joy. I thought maybe you would want to be infused too.


karensumpter said...

Holy guys go all out. I can say we have not one stitch of Halloween decor in our house--are we pathetic or what? Miranda will be in heaven when we come to your house this week. She loves Halloween stuff (at the store that is). Fun witch party!

Shannon B said...

Thanks for the infusion. Your decor is SOOO cute. We have some lame ghost with bells and a ghost that used to light up, but doesn't any more. That is the extent of our decor. I love the witch party! SO CUTE!

Lydia said...

I can just hear you laughing at the bat in the bucket. I don't decorate for Halloween - just fall, cuz it works until Thanksgiving.

Nate and Erin Russell said...

UBER cute decor!!

Kristen said...

Love all the decor--way CUTE! We do have some Halloween decor--but I don't think I'll blog about it, except maybe the pumpkin/bat garland that Brenna and I made last year--ha ha!
Wish we could come see it next week! i'm jealous Karen

Lindseys said...

Congrats on winning most original costume. I'm not sure I've ever heard of a Hawaiian Surfer Witch, but you pulled it off.


Carolina said...

Wow, you guys go all out on Halloween. We barely have a spider by the entrance.And all those witches??? SO COOL!!!

Lynse said...

How fun!!! I want to do a party now. You have such cute decorations. I'm always afraid to go all out because I think it will be messed up immediately. I need to just do it. My kids would love you! You are so fun!

Annette said...

You are the Halloween Fashionistas! I can't wait to see all your costumes. The bat in the bucket is hilarious!

Janet said...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! love your decorations!!

Stimpsons said...

fun, I want to go to a witch party. Sometimes my kids think I'm a witch and tell me that I need to work on being nicer. : ) I too love all the nice halloween decorations.