Tuesday, November 9, 2010

(For Real This Time) I Deserve a Medal!

...oh wait! Look at me! I GOT one!

I got a medal for running the Santa Barbara International Half Marathon this last Saturday, November 6! This was my first race of this duration. I'm just pointing out that a 1/2 marathon is 13.1 miles. Ya! That's right! That was me! Please! Hold your applause.

Many of my friends have done this race in years past and I started thinking how great it would be to run by the ocean, in the cool sea air. I was right. It was a beautiful setting and just the right temperature. But as it turns out my friend Erin and I were the only ones that made it to the race this year. (And our valiant and very supportive husbands were there to cheer us on) Erin and I discovered that we are good running partners. We have about the same pace and don't have to chitchat to feel the camaraderie. She was a couple hundred yards a head of me most of the time, but I'll try not to feel too bad since she is 10 years younger than me. Ha! We came in together though and I can only attribute that to her need to puke (she didn't, but it slowed her down just enough for me to catch up).

There were many times I just wanted to stop. But when I analyzed the reasons I couldn't think of a good one. My legs felt fine, my breathing was good, nothing hurt. I just had to refocus and get my head in the game. I just kept going. That's how life is you know.

(Tiffiny is one of our friends that had to back out of the race at the very last second due to a back injury. This "running for..." thing is a bit of an inside joke. And there's really no room here to write about it and you probably don't want to know anyway... but if you do, go here)

Here are my stats:

~ Distance: 13.1 miles
~Time: 2 hours 21 minutes and 56 seconds

~I placed 874th out of 1552 women
~I placed 126 out of 225 in my division (ages 40-44) -- I'll let you guess which end of the spectrum I'm on
~I placed 1478 out of 2297 total runners
(if you do the math, I was about the middle of the pack in all of these categories)

My pace was about 10:50 per mile. I'm not disappointed with this, but I know I should have/could have done better. There was a massive, half mile hill at mile 11 that I walked most of. That's ok though, that's how life is you know, sometimes hills come when you are tired. It might throw you off a little bit, it might slow you down, but the point is, I kept going, I finished, I felt good and I still feel good! Now that's something to be proud of. Also I now know just how much work I have to do before I run that full marathon in May. YIKES!

Brad says making these little mini-movies is his form of scrapbooking. He really is quite talented. Here is what he put together for me. He did a great job (read didn't make me look to stupid) and even used the song I requested. I love it, and it just happened to be playing while he was filming me. Good karma I call it. (Even though the song is really called Underdog.)

A few more shots of the trip...

Goofy to the bitter end

Lunch and Shopping in Downtown Santa Barbara

And a trip down to that area would not be complete with out a visit to Jocko's, the best Steak House around. Total hole in the wall, but totally YUMMY grub.
We also had ice-cream at Pismo Beach, but we didn't get a picture. Nor did we get a picture of the full double rainbow we saw there. (What does this mean?)


Lindseys said...

All I can say is "Wow." Good job, Stef!

Janet said...

Congrats my sister!!! Totally proud to be related to you! You look great in your pics and excellent time! I can't believe you are going to do a full marathon! You rock!

Caroline said...

Just look at how ITTY-BITTY you are!!! I have lots of work to do so I don't look like a cow next to you in Ogden;-) YOU ROCK!

Lindseys said...

Good work, Stef! You are awesome. I think you need a bionic prosthetic leg like the guy in the video.

Congrats on finishing in such good time.

Kristen said...

Way to go STEF!!!! What an awesome goal to accomplish. You should be very proud!!! Yea for you!!!!

Joe and Julie said...

What a great event and run. I just remembered that when mom and I were in Santa Barbara in 1998 (?? I think), we were referred to Jokko's or Brigitte's (Bri GHEE tah's). We chose the latter because I am not a steak person. It's kind of a little hole-in-the wall place. But WOW! the food was delicious. But I know we could never pry you away from your favorite steak place.

Annette said...

I love all your running analogies to life. You will have some good talk material here! I wish I could be so deep when I'm running. I probably focus too much on the pain and just getting through it. I think you are a real true, thru and thru, RUNNER GIRL!!! Seriously so impressed! And I love all the pictures. Soooo sooo fun! Ok, now I have to go watch the awesome video Brad made too :)

Annette said...

Okay! Watching that totally takes me back and makes me want to run again! Im laughing too because I just remember all of us runners last year wearing our medals everywhere, to Jocko's and everything, lol. You guys look amazing out there. Way to go Stef and Erin!!!

karensumpter said...

Congrats Stef...what an accomplishment! Maybe one day I can be like you:)

Shannon B said...

A-MAZING Stef!! Seriously inspirational!! You look so cute in your running gear and your time is GREAT! I love that Brad took video, so you can always remember your pain, I mean the awesome time you had!! You KIND OF make me want to do it. (Notice I said KIND OF). Good job and congrats on such a great accomplishment!

Stimpsons said...

Wow, I am impressed! Congratulations on your run...you awesome woman!

Tiffiny said...

I don't know if I'll ever get over missing out on this race with you guys!! I'm still in denial about it. :) I'm proud of you and know what a big deal these races are... especially the first! I've run a few and still can't find the desire to fun a full marathon. Way to go for signing up for one.

Santa Barbara 2011 or bust!!

Jo Deann said...

Too Fun!!! Congrats. The girls are insisting that they want to run the St. George Marathon next year...not sure how to feel about that. :) Brave souls. You are my hero!!!

Jonathon and Sarah said...


You are so awesome! What a great accomplishment. Several of my friends in New York trained for marathons. They had ups and downs along the way, but they all felt so proud of their accomplishment and said it was all worth it. You are inspiring. Maybe we will have to come see you cross the finish line next Spring. Keep up the good work!

Carolina said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! What a great accomplishment!