Friday, December 10, 2010

Before It's Too Late (Thanksgiving Recap)

I was such a slacker at thanksgiving. I didn't take ANY pictures, so I had to scavenge from others. We did however, have a FANTASTIC time! We went to Utah. Henefer (The Deardens - my aunt and her family), Lehi (Derek - my brother and his family) and Springville (Brad's family descended upon an unsuspected church building there to have a mini reunion), it was a rushed trip, but good times were had by all. Here are some highlights

-Spending the night in Winnamucca (Hello! Potato Road)
-Taking the wrong turn at Echo Junction
-Yummy Food and LOTS of Pie! (Tradition at the Deardens)
- Playing The Synonym game (ala; Brad)
- Watching random episodes of Jeeves and Wooster (only at the Deardens - they own them! HA!)
-Sharon getting jabbed through the head with an icicle. (ok, not really)
-Brady and Jay going sledding
-Meeting Ashley the House Elf
-EATING PIE FOR BREAKFAST! (need I say more)
-Having fun with Gary and Garth (I mean Matt and Shaun)
-Shopping Black Friday at the Park City Outlets (can you say "Buy one pair of shoes get 2 free?")
- Tai Pan Trading (Seriously, go there!!)
-Tangled (AT LONG LAST) at Jordan Commons with the Lindseys

-Eating at Rumbi's Island Grill with Mark and Lauren (Spicy Teriyaki Bowl with Rumbi Rice, to DIE for)
-Petting, holding, watching, Lauren's Bunny Skittles (Skit-tels is really good)
-Celebrating Ryan's Birthday with Birthday Pancakes

-Meyer Family Reunion - EVERYONE was there!
-White Elephant gift exchange
-4 hairdressers in attendance
- David gets a hair cut (and check out Steph's amazing hair)
-Homemade Soup! Yummalicious
-Dracula and the Silver-tipped Arrow/Lost
-Playing a game with all the Sisters-in-law and the married nieces.
-Family Pictures
-Parade of Lights in Spanish Fork
-McDonalds in Provo
-Long drive home. Made it safe and sound!

Thanks everyone for such a good time!


Shannon B said...

AWW. SOOOO fun. I wish I could have been there! I love the one of Aunt Sharon getting stabbed through her head! HEHE.

Annette said...

Yay for Family! And what a cute one you have. Looked like fun! All of it :)

Lindseys said...

We are glad we could see you while you were here. We had a great time. Glad you made it home in spite of the snow.


Joe and Julie said...

How did you squeeze all that in, in such a short time?

Janet said...

Love the deardens and thanksgiving... So together it's heaven! The sheer number of pies (and that you get to eat it for breakfast) contributes to the heaven!