Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Obsessed! (in a totally good way)

So, at this time of year you might be expecting me to post about Thanksgiving activities, Christmas Decorating, Eating WAY too much, or Holiday De-stressing Activities (which I am so entirely good at). But don't be disappointed, those things will be tediously and laboriously covered and recovered (just like Grandma's Chesterfield) in future posts. However, this little ditty is all about my obsession. One that I've been trying hard to cover-up for a long time. One that seems harmless enough, one that comes under the heading, "all in the name of fashion". My friends politely say, "It's cute, that it fits my personality, that I shouldn't change a thing." But sadly, the only soul brave enough to point out that I've got an addiction is my better half, Slick Meyer (watch out, he sometimes doubles as Clinton Kelly on What Not To Wear). What is this deep dark shame you ask? Well, It's... dare I say it out loud? Ok, it's my ever growing collection of Converse-type footwear. There I've said it! They say admission is half the solution. So THAT being admitted, AND in the vain of dejunking, I've decided to pair down my, umm... collection. I'm posting this to immortalize these shoes of comfort and joy (there, that's my holiday reference for the day), Some have been my good friends, these 5 years at least (name that "skewed" movie quote if it's even recognizable).

I guess it finally became apparent to me there might be a slight need for rehab, when the other day while shoe shopping, I opted out of buying a slick new pair of shiny, black dress boots, in favor of hot pink Converse. Seriously, who does that? Move over Lindsey Lohan, you've got company!

Here's the entire collection. I'm keeping all the solid color ones, the one's with Buddha and the orange Ed Hardy ones (for obvious reasons) I'll be going from 23 pair to 12.


Best Deal-
$1.97 at Savers Half Price Sale Last Month - Come to Mama!

Favorite Overall-
Really? What's not to love about bright blue tennies? They're Diesel, they have a pocket in each of the heels and the hot chocolate dribble on the right toe shows that they go where the party is!

Pure Fun-
Here are the aforementioned Ed Hardy Shoes. I almost didn't get them, but when I got to the cash register I had a change of heart and sent someone back to bring them to their rightful owner. That's right baby, you belong to me!

Tell me black Converse shoes don't go with absolutely everything? Ok, maybe not your holiday, red, velvet formal (there I go again with the Christmas references), but you know, I'm open to a discussion about it.

Ok, and since I know you're wondering, not pictured, are some of my most comfortable and oldest pair, the Sketcher's Buddhalicious ones. (There are swirls, a picture of Buddha and that snappy little word, "Buddhalicious". I would love to meet the person who came up with that design. They rock!) In the group photo they are to the right of my bright blue Diesels.

Just so the rest of my well worn friends don't feel left out... I love you all too, there just doesn't seem to be room in my marriage (or my closet) for you. I plan on sending you to a special place. Just think, someday you could be a post on someone's blog about the screamin' deal they got at the Saver's 50% off sale. So it is, with a tear in my eye, I send you on to the happy land of thrift store donation.


Nate and Erin Russell said...

holy moley! that is a ton of converse type shoes! and i will say, your cute fuchsia converse shoes are the 2nd thing i noticed when i saw you on saturday, second to your amazing scarf! i too say embrace, but also understand the need to let some shoes go. i thought your post was going to be on all dressed chips to which i was going to say, "gross." :)

Darrell said...


You literally own 3 times more converse shoes than I own TOTAL shoes.

Joe and Julie said...

Imelda had more than Lindsey Lohan

karensumpter said...

cute...makes me want to buy a pair...or maybe just take the pairs you are getting rid of! Movie quote: Mr Bennett, speaking of his wife's nerves.

Kristen said...

YOU have ALOT of shoes! There, I said it. Leave it to Karen to get the movie quote!

Jennifer Miller said...

NO! I think you should have a fun blogger give away! after all its christmas and those shoes are REALLY cute! Im just sayin'.

Annette said...

It's true what your friends say! You rock the converse type footwear and we're not just feeding your obsession. This post is hilarious!!! And so are the comments :)))

Shannon B said...

Too bad we don't wear the same size...I would love to take those off your hands! It will feel soo good to "purge" though. You crack me up, FUNNY post!!

Tiffiny said...

I loved this post! I tried to guess about the obsession and I thought it was the discovery of the Subway breakfast sandwiches at first. But I was tickled pink to see that it was a post about SHOES!!! And the first pair of our converse shoes that I thought of were the Buhddalicious ones! Now where's the rehab post for Brad and all things golf?..... ;)