Sunday, January 2, 2011

Positively Positive!

Happy New Year! Tis the season to renew...
I want this year to be a positive, non-procrastinating year. As in years past I am trying to choose a theme for the year. A mantra, a phrase, a saying or quote that will embody what I'm trying to remember and accomplish for the year. Last year this is what I chose:
I made this little reminder that sat next to my kitchen sink all year. You should see it now. It looks like it's been sitting next to my sink all year, what with water being splashed on it and all. But it served a good purpose. I saw it daily and it reminded me that I shouldn't wait around for a good life to happen, I was in charge of CREATING it. I still need more work in that area, but it's time to move on. I haven't been able to settle on a new one yet completely. Here are my top 3 ideas, maybe you can help me decide.

#1. It'll Be Great! Just Wait! (sometimes the "greatness" of a situations doesn't show up right away, but with a positive attitude and proper perspective, anything can be great. This is quote from one of the Bare Naked Ladies songs - but don't listen to the rest of the song because what it goes on to say is, "It'll be Great! Just Wait! Or is it too little, too late?" of course it's never too late...)

#2. Do it! Do it right! Do it right now! (I have a small problem with procrastination. More like I would prefer for the planets to be aligned before I do certain things... well ok, most things. This saying is quite motivational for me - I think it's from Spencer W. Kimball)

3. Look Not Behind Thee! (watch this video and you'll see why I'm considering this one. I tried and tried to embed it but to no avail. Click the link, it's worth your time!)

Maybe you have some other ideas. Share, I'm open to those as well.

Also, here are some individual words I'd like to remember as well, do they spark any good sayings for you for me?


Have a great year! Tell me some of the things you're going to work on. I really want to hear, it's totally motivating to me.


Lindseys said...

I remember your "She created a life she loved" quote. I liked the video clip as well.

I've always been a fan of "Do it. Do it right. Do it right now." Joseph Smith was famous for saying, "When the Lord commands, do it." SWK expanded on that with this quote.

Lydia said...

i like all three, you always inspire me with your energy and goals - i like the last one the best, maybe because it's scriptural, but it reminds me of my philosophy a few years ago (which I've mostly adopted, still working on it) of not feeling guilty for not being perfect. i'm feeling that for me personally, i am more along the lines of living fearlessly, jumping in and getting it done this year. i heard a great quote in a talk at church - "Nothing changes unless something moves." maybe that will be mine - i think i'll copy you and blog about it! love ya!

Lindseys said...

Here's another one I just came across in an article: "Let 'er rip!"

Here's the article -

Carolina said...

I really like the "Do it. Do it right. Do it right now". OK, I really, really like it!!! But Patience is what I need to work on these days. I need to be very specific if I really want to accomplish something!