Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dear Brian Regan,

Dear Brian (Brivl7Q)-

We were fortunate enough to see you perform this week at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA. This is the 3rd time. We got to sit in one of the suites which was totally fun. Awesome seats, good food and sure-fire talent. I just wanted to thank you for being you, and commend you on developing and sharing your talents. I believe you are doing what you were meant to be doing. I was discussing with my husband on the way home and I feel the need to thank you for being one of the unifying forces in our family. We have 3 teenagers. And while I know I’m stating the obvious, we don’t see eye to eye on much. They don’t even really see eye to eye with each other very often. But when it comes to Brian Regan. We all agree, we love you and your style and pretty much quote your material, dare I say, an amazing amount per week (probably an average of once per day, often more.) We start in on it and then there is no stopping us. It makes us all laugh, no matter how often we hear it or say it. It makes us happy too that we don't have to censor it. We believe in clean living in our house. Thanks for holding true to your clean comedy and giving us something to laugh at that is truly funny.

All our friends and family are converted too. We have taken to showing large handwritten signs in our van windows to our friends in other cars when we travel. One of our favorite signs is, “Just dumb ol’ donkeys.” It makes long car trips a little more bearable. Thanks for that.

Please come to our next campout. We love telling and retelling funny anecdotes, and laughing and laughing. When someone has a new story they say, “It’ll be a good one for the campfire.” We could all be the opening act and then you could start in and we could laugh all night.

I just want you to know you’re appreciated, loved and quoted often.

Take Luck,

Stefani Meyer

Just so you know, I really sent this to him.


Annette said...

Loren actually did the pinky gesture the other day while driving and all our kids started busting up! I love your letter. You need to send it to him! And please please pretty please post your video! Loren only got the opening joke recorded. Love love love Brian Regan! He definitely makes those long road trips better in our family!

Annette said...

And you are right, he's doing exactly what he is meant to do. There is no other like him. And he has blessed our lives with his clean, real sense of humor. Seeing him in action is just the best!!!

Nate and Erin Russell said...


Janet said...

i love br! so jealous you got to see him again and in such a fun atmosphere! loved that you actually sent him this letter! see you in a few days! YAY!

Annette said...

Ha! How did I miss the fact that you really sent this to him. We just put him on again while folding laundry. It never gets old!

Debbie said...

I love that you actually sent him a letter!

So when he comes to your campout, can my family come too?! We are complete BR fans here too!

Natalie said...

me love br

Lindseys said...

Great letter, Stef! We love Brian Regan and quote him often. It's amazing that there is a BR quote for almost everything.

Did you hear back from him?


Jennifer Miller said...

I told Elizabeth in the emergency room that no matter what you think "say 8, Say 8!" she was puzzled but Ben laughed!
So If he writes you back you have to post it!