Thursday, July 21, 2011

You're a Nudist?

So a few weeks ago we had the Lindsey Family Reunion. What I really want to do is go into extreme detail about every aspect of the trip. There were so many good memories, so many fun times. I wan't to include all of the pictures taken with little captions so you can see all my cute family. But I just don't have the wherewithal to put the time and effort into such a post. So in pondering what to do I am just going to put the essence of what I felt there among all these amazing people.

It was held in Idaho this year with Kris and Kyle hosting. The majority of us stayed in their home, talk about potential disaster. But it all turned out so well. I didn't hear one cross word, didn't observe any hurt feelings, didn't feel ignored, put out or mistreated in any way. I can only thank Mom and Dad for raising us in a way that we can get along. I can also feel appreciative of the spouses that each of us has chosen. There's not a miscreant among them. All the nieces and nephews are talented, adorable, well behaved and fun to be around. I couldn't get enough of them.

I taught the Relief Society lesson this last Sunday, it was on Eternal Marriage. Having just come from such a special place where we all have Eternal Marriages and by extension Eternal Families it was especially touching. It delves deep into my heart.

Now I have to say we didn't sit around quoting scriptures and doing service projects. There was a lot of hilarity which is one of the funnest parts. 20 minutes into the start of the reunion we were in hysterics. Kris was mentioning to all the sisters (except Karen - who hadn't arrived yet :() that Taylor had gotten his braces off. Janet wanted to say that she was already aware of that fact, but got her words confused between "I knew" and "I noticed" and it came out, "I knewticed". Without missing a beat, Shannon chimes in all innocent-like, and says, "You're a nudest?" Bahahaha! We could not stop laughing! I still can't. Our kids all heard us hooting it up and apparently laughed amongst them selves as they listened to our laughs saying "Clearly, they're all related." Oh ya! I love my family

Some other fun times were

*Wesley got a bloody nose within the first 2 minutes of his arrival (was this a sign of things to come? - Luckily not)

*Team Epic and Team Awesome - Just the names alone imply a bit of cockiness, but Noah made sure there was no bragging.

*Landon wanted to live in the Penitentiary

*Julia found out what having a "crush" meant (Thank you Afton). She now knows she has one on Justin Bieber

*Kid History was watched, re-watched and quoted NONSTOP! "I'n in a-yot of twubo", "BUT! If you buy 4 complaitos it's only $4!", "Kyle, Kyle, Ky-le" (funnier that we have a Kyle in the family)

*Mark astounding everyone with his angry Russian composer piano music and then breaking out with The Angry Birds theme song.

*Shannon's funny missionaries in "pin the tag on the missionary" game.

*Minute to Win It - ala Janet and Steve. Of course mom won the Kleenex pulling game.

*Annie-Annie Over (Even my good, and very knowledgeable friend, Google, doesn't know the absolute answer to the actual title of this game) at Uncle Darell's house.

Ok, so it's really hard not to put in all the details - but I don't have them time or inclination for it now. Suffice it to say, A good time was had by all! And two years is a long time to wait to do it again.

Family! I love you!!


Annette said...

oh ya! I love it! There is nothing like the complete comfort and silliness of family. I feel like we could be related ;) And that is hilarious, the nudist remark. You guys are quick!

Shannon B said...

HHAHAHAHAHAHA. Can't stop laughing about the NUDIST! Every now and then I still laugh about it and then people think I am crazy (like in the grocery store). HEHEHE. We do have the nicest funniest, family around. I want to play again RIGHT NOW! I don't think I can wait for 2 years!!!!!!!

Lindseys said...

Fun post, Stef. It IS fun to get together just for the hilarity when someone starts laughing.

Janet said...

Love this post and our family!! If I am correct, the "knew-" comment was by shan, but who's "knew-ticing". <3