Tuesday, November 15, 2011

In the Interim

So, while you're all anxiously awaiting my next post... which I'm working on and will be coming soon {... silent cheers of joy...), could you all please go make some comment on my last post.  I thought it was a great post, but because of the lack of comments my delicate ego has taken a beating. 2 comments... that's all I got??? 2! The cute pictures alone should illicit more than that, don't you think?  Go take another look, I'm sure you will agree.
(Annette and Erin, you're exempt... unless, of course, you feel compelled.)

Ok, I'm really just kidding... (mostly)
And to show you I'm not (that) vain, I'm posting the following picture in all it's glory, untouched and at it's largest possible size. This is quite possibly the worst picture EVER taken of me!

Be nice.

Holy Honk! Who is that beast?


Annette said...

You are hilarious! I had to see what your last post was to make sure I didn't miss anything. BTW, I was looking forward to more birthday week posts...is that what you're working on? When was this photo taken, when we were fumbling with our phones seconds before the race? LOL. I love it!!! And thanks for being my only commenter, btw. I look forward to my Stef comments over here :)

Shannon B said...

I love this pic of you! What are you talking about it's the worst ever!? You never look bad girlie! I want to hear all about your race. I wish we could hang out, I was thinking that I wanted to play with you so bad the other day! You are so fun!!!!!

Lindseys said...

Are you ready for your close-up?

karensumpter said...

You just made my day! I love that picture and am still chuckling about it.

Janet said...

I have to say that I've loved all your random blogposts... Especially the week of your bday (I've been waiting for more). I don't always comment bc I am mostly looking at them on my phone and it's a pain to comment!... But keep 'em coming!!! <3

Joe and Julie said...

Is that really my daughter?