Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Schizophrenic Halloween

Apparently our family is very indecisive about their Halloween costumes. Either that or we just have multiple personalities that all see Halloween as an opportunity to make an appearance.

Brady's first alter ego
Neon Man or Fluorescent Boy

Afton's inner desire
To become an 80's Prom Queen

Brad and Stef not too far of a stretch:
Mr. and Mrs. Used Car Salescouple (my favorite part other than the authentic plaid pants, is the lobster tie)

Nerdly P. Sterdly
is what Afton went by for Trunk or Treat

Neato Bandito
How do you say Trick or Treat in Spanish?

Glowing Dreadlocks (which really looked more like a Jellyfish) and strobe lighted fingertip gloves.  Became more intense and annoying as the sun went down.  (I'm talking about the lights, not Brad's personality. HA!)

 Here are some other costumes that made me very, very happy.
 Catherine Nordstrom (age 11) had this fantastic costume.  This seriously looked like a real dude carrying her around. Leave it to the Nordstrom's to always have fun and creative costumes.

The Eggers Family 
Gru and his Minions from Despicable Me
Boogie Fever anyone?

Jared and Melissa Howard
White Trash Couple
I wish you could get the full effect of the mullet wig. So fun!

We all made quite the candy haul. Well, Afton and Brady really. But that translates into Brad and I getting our fair share of the loot too.

I read on someone's Facebook status that her daughter was allergic to peanuts so she had to eat all her peanut butter cups for her.  I decided that my kids are allergic to Twix.
Here's my other alter ego: The pink witch with fluffy flying goggles.  Yes, there's a reason why this picture is small.  But it was necessary for you to know that I dressed up as more than one thing as well. (I had a hat, pink boa and tie-dye tights, but that picture was even worse than this one. So deal with it :)


Kelsi Meyer said...

AHAHAHAHA! I loved them all! The minions and Gru just made my day though! XD

Lindseys said...

Wow, we have a hard enough time coming up with one costum each. Multiple is very impressive. I loved the costume of the guy carying the girl.

Shannon B said...

I love the title of your post...schizophrenic halloween. HAHA. Can't stop laughing. I love them all!! So cute and original!

Tiffiny said...

You Meyer's can always be counted on for some great costumes. I'd love to be more festive. You inspire me to try harder next year.

Melodie said...

Ok you guys nailed the used car sales couple! haha I love it!

karensumpter said...

Boy, you guys are ambitious. We can barely manage to pull one costume together per person. That girl being carried around by a guy took me a minute to figure out...very clever.

Annette said...

Seriously LOVE all your alter egos! I can barely come up with one idea and you have more than you know what to do with! I look forward to your debuts every year!

Christie said...

Cute, cute costumes.

Oh and thanks for your sweet comment on my blog yesterday. I needed a pick-me-up, and I really appreciate it! XOX