Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Mantra and The "Other" Man

Some people choose a word to live by for the year. This is especially popular in the scrapbooking and blogging communities. Words like "give", "joy", "together".  I, on the other hand, like to choose a saying or quote as my inspiration for the year. A couple of past quotes that I've used have been, "She Created a Life She Loves" and "Do It! Do It Right! Do It Right Now!"

I got a little jump start on the one I am choosing for 2012. When I saw it on Pinterest a couple of months ago I immediately printed it out, framed it and set it next to my sink. My mantra for this year is
"Live Your Life on Purpose".
This is super applicable to me right now (as it should be) in so many areas.  I am at a stage in my life where I often feel, un-useful, sorta like I have no purpose. I know this is a VERY false thought, but because most of the people in my life can get where they need to get, do what they need to do and live like they need to live, without me, I sometimes wonder what I could and should be doing. I have more "free" time than I've had in a long time. I need to organize this time and choose what to put in it. There are so many things I want to do, should be doing and could be doing.  (I've been making lists for years of all the stuff I couldn't get done because of one thing or another.)

I have the time now to have my house cleaner than it ever has been, I have the time now to scrapbook and craft a little more, I have the time now to give service, I have the time now to study more, I have the time now to cook better meals, I have the time to workout more intensely. But often I find my self floundering a little bit.  What do I do and when (and HOW for heaven's sake -- it's true, if you don't use it you lose it).  Sometimes procrastination takes over, sometimes it's boredom, sometimes it's lack of focus and often I think I can fit more in than I actually can. But in the end I know there a people out there who are busier than me, that get more done -- and I'm not talking just "stuff", I'm talking meaningful endeavors.

So, I commit to myself (and to you) that this year of 2012 I'm going to live my life on purpose.  I am going to live my life, I am not going to let my life live me. I want to make a difference to my family, to my church calling, to my friends, to God. I think I've worked out a good little system, albeit low-tech (Brad would probably have an app for me).  I bought a calendar/planner that is in a "daily list" format. I hang it on my fridge and I make my lists on each day with a little box next to each item.  As I do them I check them off (I like that it is a calendar and all spiral bound together).  And the stuff that doesn't get done, gets put on another day (the goal: to not have stuff that doesn't get done). With the shadows of my last two year's mottos still echoing around in my head, I try to put meaningful items on my list (along with the mundane) and I try to do them, not just look at them or think about them.

If you'd like to print a copy of this motto for yourself go here.

All that being said I'd like to introduce you to the "other" man in my life.  His name is Tony Horton.

Some of you may have been introduced to him before. Many of you may not like him.  Many of you may associate him with pain and suffering. While this is true, I think he may have offered a lot of you visions of something you want. Tony is the mastermind behind P90-X. He makes interval training possible in your own home.  It's a huge commitment, but I'm glad for it.  My MAIN man, Brad, is doing the program with me.  We are on day 2... wish us luck.


Janet said...

Thanks for your inspiration! We have a lot in common right now(mine on a smaller scale). Since Austin's gone to kinder, i've had to rediscover what I've wanted to get done for 10 Years and how to actually accomplish that! :). Granted this is all going to change in about a month, but I got a taste of procrastination (in its true form... Me not doing something simply because I put it off, not bc I had kids or whatever as my excuse), boredom, and then actually living life on purpose! Good luck with all your endeavors and I don't doubt you are making a huge difference in all those aspects of your life! Btw... Are you sore?? I've wanted to try p-90x for a while now... Maybe after this baby! :). Love ya!

Shannon B said...

I often wonder what my excuse will be for "not getting stuff done" after I am out of excuses or "out of children" to help etc. Even now, when I have a free moment, sometimes I am amazed on how I spend the time (in a bad way). I know what you are going through will be hard for me too, especially when my kiddies are all "independent."

Anyway, I know for a fact you are not useless, or unwanted. In fact I WANT you to come here and play with me SO bad! Yes, thanks for the inspiration. You amazing and I really want to be like you. Seriously. Keep up the good work!! <3

Jennifer Miller said...

I always looked at your stage of life as the get it done finally stage. But, after reading that I can totally see myself being lazy and using all sorts of excuses to not be productive. I never thought it would be hard, glad to have that prospective! Also, I bought TONY the week before I found out I was Pregnant, so we haven't developed the love yet. BUT SOON!

Annette said...

We're in the same boat sistah...and you get way more done than you give yourself credit for. Way to inspire me for one. I love your mantra for 2012! I may have to download a copy for myself! Love ya too!

Kristen said...

I as in this funny state too and will be even more so next year when Brenna goes to school all day. YIKES! Some days are so productive and I finish everything on my list and more. Other days I can't find anything productive to do and feel like I waste all my time. I'd really like to find a good balance of doing "meaningful" stuff "fun" stuff and "so what if I waste some time" stuff. HARD TO DO!
Oh and good luck with p90x!

Tiff said...

Great mantra for 2012. One of my faves that I repeat to myself (mostly when I'm getting down on myself for "floundering" in several areas of life) is "Go Slow...Life In Progress". It reminds me to live in the now and appreciate what's going on at that moment. Not be so worried about the dust on the furniture or dishes in the sink but to enjoy my kids while they're young and still home.

And good luck with P90X. Unlike our main men... we can actually put that guy on mute!! LOL

Bradley said...

Hey, they photoshopped some guy's head on my body!