Thursday, January 19, 2012

Because I'm a Freak

Here I sit, living my life on purpose.

When my friend Annette texted me a few minutes ago and asked what I was doing, I had to confess that I was chewing my new Strawberry Bubblegum (she was with me when I bought it) and trying to take pictures of myself blowing a bubble (what am I, 14?) I'm glad I'm following my mantra for the year (see previous post).

Annette told me she told her husband about my gum.  I commented that, for sure, he thinks I'm a freak.  She said, "Of course not." But we'll see how he reacts next time he sees me (I'm sure he'll be thinking, "What is she, 14?" -- awkward)

She then said, "I feel a blog post coming on." My comment was, "What, and let everyone else know I'm a freak?"
Then I figured, what the heck -- you've all probably had this fact confirmed to you anyway. I'm already wasting time, I might as well make it official.

Anyhoo! Ever since the Matt Nathanson song "Faster"came out, where he mentions strawberry bubblegum, I have been having a craving for some. None of my regular stores (Target, Safeway, Walmart etc.) carried strawberry bubblegum (I know, weird), believe me I've been looking.  They have Strawberry flavored Trident and they have regular bubble gum, but nothing would satisfy me but REAL strawberry bubblegum. So, the other day when I was across the street from 7-11 I thought, "For sure they have it." I wasn't disappointed. And here is my bubble to prove it. I've still got those bubble blowing skills (and a bunch of laundry that needs to be folded).


Annette said...

I love you. Just the way you are! It's what makes you so fun! You enjoy all the small things in life as well as the big. And I'm so glad i inspired you to post about such things. Im gonna have to look up that song now and probably go buy myself some strawberry flavored bubble gum, lol! You're awesome Stef!

Shannon B said...

Cute. I don't consider anything a waste of time so long as you are having fun. It looks like you are having a blast! Your hat is cute and your face is cute and I love ya!!!

PS I want strawberry gum now!!!!!

Jennifer Miller said...

Living your life on purpose IS chewing strawberry bubblegum acting like you are 14. You go Girl!

Lindseys said...

The picture turned out better than a 14 year-old. Good one.

Kelsi Meyer said...

Mom, the fact that you're a freak is not defined by your blowing bubble gum XD Just kidding. I'm probably the only one not inspired to go buy some strawberry gum, but I do want some starbursts or something.

karensumpter said...

You're living in the moment! We all need to do that more!