Sunday, February 12, 2012

RIP Wilhelmina Hoacox

It's not because I'm a huge fan of the big W.H. Ya, not really so much. And definitely much less after Bobbie Brown came on the scene.  So why am I doing a tribute here, you may ask? It's because of one of those funny, small moments in life that somehow sticks around in family lore, forever.

Many years ago I'd play a game with the kids in the car.  I would ask them if they knew who was singing the song on the radio, sometimes offering prizes if they got it right. Afton once earned $5 by randomly guessing Seal. (I had told them his name had one word and started with an S.  She didn't know at the time there was such a guy, but  she had seen seals at the beach.  I guess she thought it was a good "S" word, she was right).

One day a Whitney Huston song was playing and the kids couldn't guess who it was.  I finally hinted, "Her initials are W.H." There was silence for a moment and then Kelsi yells from the back seat, "Wilhelmina Hoacox!!" I burst out laughing and Whitney forever became Wilhelmina Hoacox in our books.

Today, after word of her death got out, I received a text from Kelsi that simply said, "RIP Wilhelmina Hoacox". It made my whole day.


Nate and Erin Russell said...

funny! p.s. i plan on playing that game with my children too. if they're anything like their father they'll lose every time.

Annette said...

Like! :)

Kristen said...

Something akin to Ruth Mcluth--haha Wilhelmina Hoacox is a bit better though

Lindseys said...

You guys are too funny.

Kelsi Meyer said...

I am proud to have actually created an inside joke. That never happens. No one ever thinks what I say is funny XP