Monday, March 12, 2012

I Love To See The Temple...

...I'm going there this week (twice in fact)

Yesterday was ward conference. For Relief Society, the Stake Relief Society Presidency taught the lesson. They focused on the Temple. I have to say that never in my life have I felt motivated right on the spot to get to the temple. Sister Bassett, our Stake Relief Society President, spoke about a period in her life where she couldn't have been busier and couldn't have had more serious trials going on in her life, and I'm mean serious trials. She spoke of how that was the time in her life when she realized the strength and power of the Temple. She talked about how she had so many awful things going on, including her sister being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, that she prayed, at night, that she would be taken from the earth instead of her sister. She was always disappointed when she woke up in her bed and not in heaven. One day she woke up and had the feeling she should go to the temple... she knew, however, that she couldn't, she had too many pressing and important things she had to do that day.  She listed off some of the things she had going on and no one would have faulted her for putting it off for another day.  But she said she made about 25 phone calls and covered her responsibilities, and she went to the temple.

I wish I would have taken better notes, but I'm not sure you can really take notes on the spirit.  This is what I did write down:

~The temple is a sanctuary of education
~We will have strength and power when we attend the temple
~We are promised that unseen angels will watch over our families and loved ones when we go to the temple
~The veil is made thin when we go to the temple
~When we go to the temple we will be greatly blessed and happy
~Sister Bassett talked about Ezekiel 47, which has beautiful imagery of the temple. It compares it to a river
~The temple is a healing river
~The temple is a river of love
~The temple is a river of truth
~The more often we go to the temple the bigger and deeper our rivers will get.

So, all that being said and all that I felt yesterday I'm planning a trip to the temple tomorrow. We also have a Stake Relief Society Conference on Saturday at the temple.  I want my river to become bigger and deeper.

Sister Bassett also reminded us that the adversary doesn't want us to go there. She says she is looking forward to having all of us having many roadblocks in our path come Saturday morning.  I'm guessing I'll have some tomorrow morning too.


Shannon B said...

Aww, I miss my temple!! <3 Wish I could go with you!!!!

Lindseys said...

It's been a while since I've been to the Oakland temple. Always fun.