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Movies - Top 5

I'm taking a page out of Kelsi's blog. Just for fun I thought I'd post about my top 5 favorite movies. Like Kelsi, I have a hard time with favorites. It just seems so absolute. Even a list of 5 favorites is hard. A lot depends on mood, circumstances and current stimuli. As I was making up this list there were others that I kept thinking, "Oh, I should replace that on with this one." In the end this is what I came up with (subject to change).

In no particular order:

You've Got Mail

So witty and thoughtful. I once heard that many of the lines in the movie were taken from random essays of life in Nora Effron's journal (I may have that wrong). I tried to look it up but couldn't find it. Admittedly I didn't try ALL that hard. Do you love Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan together? Akkk, I do. So hilariously cute. I also love Greg Kinnear as Frank Navaski.  The man so in love with his typewriter. 
I suppose it could be said that this story is a modern day version of Pride and Prejudice. Middle class girl meets rich, stuck-up guy. After many encounters they decide they do like each other after all and that their original impressions of one another were wrong (They even discuss Pride and Prejudice in the movie. How perfect is that?) It is, however, based on a Jimmy Stewart movie called The Shoppe Around the Corner.
Much of this movie dialogue is in my everyday conversations. Listen for it, it's there.
At first I was going to try and put my favorite quotes in this post, but I decided that was one of the deciding criteria in "favorite movies" they are "oh so quotable". But right now my go to quote (for no apparent reason) is, 
"That caviar is a garnish!" 

Pride and Prejudice

Recently my seminary students were giving me grief about liking Pride and Prejudice. Did I mention 10 out of the 13 are boys? They just don't understand!! It's the characters, the dialogue, the understated wit. Oh my goodness, how can you not love it!! Not to mention Mr. Darcy!! What? He is great in all the adaptations I've seen, but my favorite and the most accurate (in my underdeveloped mind) is Colin Firth's portrayal in the A&E version. Gulp!! So shy, so misunderstood, so full of integrity. Did I mention so HANDSOME? Really, it should be illegal.
He certainly has a reputation. And to prove that I am not the only one who feels this way, I once read part of an interview with Colin Firth. 
Interviewer: Are there any women in your life?
Colin: Yes. My mother and Jane Austin (HA! It must follow him wherever he goes)
Again, such awesome dialogue by many of the characters, Mrs. Bennet, Mr. Collins, Lady Catherine. But here I need to stop and give props to one of the most unappreciated characters in the movie, and that is Mr. Bennet. Seriously, pretty much every line he speaks is hilarious in it's own right. I love that his sarcasm and cynicism seems to be a coping mechanism for living with 6 very silly women.
One of my favorite parenting mantras comes from Mr. Bennet. When all the house is in uproar, when certain members - or I dare say all members, of the family are whining, complaining and using unscrupulous methods of getting their own way. Mr. Benett calmly wipes his mouth with his napkin, stands up and as he's leaving the room says, 
"And yet, I am unmoved". (End of conversation)

Casino Royale

So seriously! Who knew? I think this is why it's on my list. It caught me totally by surprise. I have always liked the legendary 007 to one degree or another. But the new era of James Bond, the gritty, less polished version - made it's impression on me. And who better than the asymmetrical but oh so eye-catching Daniel Craig to give him life? He's cool as a cucumber and hot as Hades (I love when I get all metaphorical - ok don't correct me I know those are similes). I like the idea that James wasn't always the "robot" you see in other films. He has a heart and feelings and knows how to love, not just womanize. I still love though that he is confident, competent and good at pretty much everything he does. Then there's this...
Vesper Lynd
No, now don't get confused. 
Not this... this is a Vespa. I can see your confusion though, sometimes with their British accents, it sometimes sounds like they are calling her some type of motorized bike.

Anyway, I digress. Vesper is not your typical Bond girl. But seriously do you love her? James does! I need her wit and her brains. Her secrets, her style, her ability to read a situation and to stand toe to toe with an arrogant MI-6 agent, she is a brilliant character.
I could also do with that necklace (an Algerian Love Knot - just in case Brad is reading this).

I love their sparing matches. Both quick and stubborn. There are many lines worth remembering but below is one of my favorite. Another favorite is their conversation on the train when they first meet and the other one when they are deciding what to wear to the poker game.

Vesper Lynd: Am I going to have a problem with you, Mr. Bond?
James Bond: No, don't worry, you're not my type.
Vesper Lynd: Smart?
James Bond: Single.


Have you seen this movie? You haven't? Do yourself a favor, get your hands on it as soon as you can! You will NOT be disappointed!!
First off, how can you go wrong with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn? Chemistry galore. And if you haven't already noticed I like witty movies. This is one of the best. All the little lines that don't even have to be in it but that make it unforgettable. And the characters... simply top notch. Mr. Bartholomew played by Walter Mathau (Would you like Liverwurst, Liverwurst, Chicken or Liverwurst?) Tex played by James Coburn (And you fell for it, like an egg from a tall chicken.) 

And speaking of sparing couples. Grant and Hepburn take the cake. 
I'm not gonna ruin it for you if you haven't seen the movie, but here's a picture from one of my favorite scenes. If you have seen the movie, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Classic, classic, classic!
Don't we all want to be as cool as Ferris Bueller? Not to mention, adorable and charming? I probably saw this movie in the theater 10 times. It would have been more except I had to alternate it with Top Gun which was out at the same time.
So much of this movie is in our culture even today. The lines and the characters. Anyone... anyone?There's absolutely NO way to choose a favorite scene or line. And all those characters. Jeanne (or was it Shawna) Mr. Rooney, Grace, Cameron, Slone. 
 John Hughes (may he rest in peace) knew how to do a film right.
Did you know there was no official soundtrack to Ferris Bueller's Day Off, even though it had epic music? It also came out in the days before downloadable music. So sad. However, I had a friend that compiled me a cassette tape full of my very own Ferris Bueller songs. It was the nicest present. Unfortunately, it got stolen later that year, out of the backseat of my friend's car. I guess someone else needed Ferris Bueller music more than me. Sadly, I never recreated it.

Honorable Mentions

Here are some of the one's that just about (but not quite) replaced the ones above.

The Princess Bride

It never gets old
One of those movies I didn't expect much from. It was a total surprise. I mean really, wasn't it one of those books kids HAD to read in school for literature class? How could THAT be good anyway? I was completely wrong! 

Ace Ventura, Pet Detective

So movies with a character that has a strange and memorable name are often really good (see above). But I had the smallest hope that this would meet any sort of theatrical achievement. 
Who was this Jim Carrey person anyway? Go re-watch it, if only for the scene of Ace at a
mental institution in a pink tutu.

While You Were Sleeping

Right up there with You've Got Mail.
Funny, and charming and totally quotable.
Too bad Bill Pullman couldn't stay has relevant as Sandra Bullock has.
Side Note: While You Were Sleeping came out in 1995 when Sandra Bullock was 31, she played opposite Bill Pullman who was 41. Totally believable. In 2009 Sandra Bullock, then 44, played opposite Ryan Reynolds, then 33, in The Proposal. Again, totally believable. Hmmmm, draw your own conclusions about that one.

She's the Man

Before what's his name (I can never remember, is it Channing Tatum or Tatum Channing) became who he is, and before Amanda Bynes became who she is. This is a hilarious and brilliant adaptation of Shakespeare's, Twelfth Night. I might actually add "Twelfth Night" to my list but since  She's the Man is a little easier to watch when you're half distracted (as is the case with most movies I watch) it got the nod. So, I guess Twelfth Night got the honorable, honorable mention. Either way, go watch them both. Amanda Bynes make the best Sebastian. And it's a toss up on the favorite quote. There are so many!! ("I got a lifetime-a-knowlegde" -- "Viola dear, chew like you have a secret")


Derek Lindsey said...

Good List Stef (although you listed 10)

Here are some of mine in no particular order:

Star Wars (original trilogy)
O Brother Where Art Thou
Princess Bride
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Shawshank Redemption (filtered)

I'm sure there are others, but that's off the top of my head.

Collin said...

Wow, love the post. I just spent way too much precious time reading back posts. Meghan is at preschool and I should be getting chores done around the house. But it was totally fun to ready your blog! You have so much fun stuff going on in your head, ha ha. I am zombie mom just trying to keep a household of 4 kiddos going....I had a "my kids are growing up" moment last night that freaked me out and my kids aren't even that old yet. AGh! Love ya, Suzie

Suzie Stimpson said...

oops, I was signed in under Collin