Monday, March 2, 2009


Brady had some homework to finish up this morning so he stayed home longer than anyone else.  So it was just him and me as we drove to school.  As with most other parents, I have this fear about my kids making a wrong choice or two and then, "turning to the dark side". None of my kids are rebels or WANT to make bad choices but we all make mistakes, and I hope whatever those mistakes might be, that they'll be strong enough to bounce back.  I also hope that none of their mistakes will be big enough or bad enough that they feel like they can't repent and then let themselves get caught up in more mistakes.  So, I take lots of chances to "casually" mention things that hopefully will help them now and in the future.  I love when they turn out good, like the one with Brady this morning. 

As Brady and I drove to school I looked over at him and I just had a bright hope for his future and at the same time that recurring fear of "what if", so I asked, "Brady, are you always going to be my good boy?"  He gave me a funny, little look and said, "I don't know."  I'm sure he thought I was going to start gushing about him being my "little baby" (as I often do), so I expounded.  I said, "You're not going to get caught up in mistakes, like lying or swearing or drugs or anything, are you?"  He said, "No."  Then I asked him how he felt about going on a mission.  Again he said, "I don't know."  I asked him if he was nervous about it or excited.  I told him that when I was young and people mentioned missions, I was always happy to look at my brother and think, "They're talking to him."  Then I also mentioned that I am so happy that I finally did decided to go because it made me a better person.  For some reason this captured his attention and he asked how it made me better.  I told him I was less selfish, it taught me to be happier, to be more confident, to learn more about the scriptures, it taught me to get along with others and to start becoming who I am today.  I said it even taught me things that you wouldn't expect a mission to do, like become a better driver, and how to read a map.  He thought that was funny and we started talking about where he wanted to go and if he would be riding a bike or not.  I love the way his mind works.  He wanted to know if he would have to buy the bike and take it with him or if the mission provided it.  We talked about buying it there since he wouldn't want to buy it and then haul it with him to the MTC or on the airplane.  I don't know, it was just all too cute.   Man, I love that guy!  He's definitely got a string on my heart.
Here are some other questions he has asked me while it was just he and I out driving around.

How long have Mercedes cars been around?
Why are Sumo wrestlers so fat? And How do they get into their houses?
What is that thing on the back of some cars? (spoiler)
How come cars that look cool go so fast?
I like the way they vote someone off The Biggest Loser.
We've also talked about fire hydrants, Mana from heaven, policemen, and many other random and poignant things.

Thanks Brady for making me love you.

(BTW, I took these pictures of Brady yesterday.  I was dying at the beautiful light coming through my bedroom window.  My messy bed seemed the perfect place for a photo shoot.  I'm amazed that I was actually able to convince him to do it.  I got some awesome shots.  What a cutie!)


Kristen said...

cute cute cute!!! I laugh that lots of the questions or comments were about cars.

annette said...

He IS such a cutie! I can relate to that heart string, because there is something just really precious about the mother son relationship. It's hard to describe, but you did a really good job describing it here. The other night, we watched "Errand of Angels" about a sister missionary in Austria. It was cute, because Corey started asking "Why does a mission have to be 2 years?" He was starting to get worried at his 6 year old level. Anyway, we reassured him and Loren told him that he cried like a baby when his mission came to an end. Those are really great pictures too. I'm glad you will always have the pictures and conversation to remind you of these really great times! You are a good mom!!!

Shannon B said...

BRADY BRADY How do I love thee...let me count the ways...

Janet said...

wow, love it... it makes me want to cry just because it's so touching! i LOVE good conversation with kids. thanks for being a good mom so your kids can have good conversations with you!

Eric and Lydia said...

I wanted to comment the other day, I always get so nervous about these conversations sounding too "preachy" or "lecture-y" and I just want to be my kids' friend, but I'm trying to get over it. You're so great at that! Get him to ask questions, then he thinks the "lecture" was his idea! Great pictures, BTW, and the cliff diver video was taken by none other than Frodo himself! :)

Joe and Julie said...

Regarding Brady's question about cool and fast cars... It was in high school where I was "cured" about owning a cool car (not that that's bad). We were riding home from school on the school bus and someone was razzing a classmate about spending too much money on some old car. The comment was "It's just a piece of tin on four wheels." I thought about at length and decided that cool looking cars are really just some fancy-shaped pieces of tin sitting on top of a frame with wheels and a motor. After that I never felt a need to buy a "fancy" car. Too bad for me.