Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Thoughts!

Here's a list of some of my happy thoughts for today (in no particular order)

The sun is shining
I'm done working out
I feel good
My dogs are cute
My family is healthy
Laundry is almost done 
I love modern conveniences 
I have great/supportive/positive/talented/funny friends
I hear birds chirping outside my window
My family is THE best
I have a Temple Marriage
Facebook is FUN
The house is quiet
My kids are talented
I have the nicest, most faithful parents
Brad is Handsome
I'm going to eat my favorite breakfast in a couple of minutes
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is True!
Subway Sandwiches are yummy!
I live in a beautiful area
Dove Chocolate
I'm going to scrapbook today
I love being with the Young Women
I have 2 episodes of The Office, 1 Biggest Loser and 2 American Idol episodes to catch up on:)
There is a prophet of God on the earth today
I like myself
I have a nice, soft, warm, sleep number bed
There are missionaries in San Juan
Patterned Paper
Mr. Darcy
I love office supplies
Pottery Barn, Anthropology, & Restoration Hardware
Junque (See photo above - I know, I'm weird)
Bright Blue Sky
Perforations (have you ever really thought about them?)
My living room furniture is cool
Kelsi performing in the school play
Brady finally figuring out how to brush his teeth
Afton hugging me
Sisters (that doesn't mean brothers AREN'T happy thoughts)
Going to Girls Camp
Movie Quotes
Family Reunions
Waves Crashing
I love getting emails from my favorite people
Moving forward

Ok, I thought I could exhaust my list... but it is just going to keep going.  I'll just stop here for now.  

Now I want you to leave me at least 1 happy thought in the comments section.  OK? If you just lurk, now's the time to make yourself known.  If you don't have a google account it's easy to get one and there's no strings attached. Come on! You'll make my day with your happy thoughts!


Janet said...

austin is home with me and wants to eat jello

Lindseys said...

Sure, I get the reference about brothers.

My happy thought: Two little boys who yell, "Daddy!" when they see you and race to get to you.

Jonathon and Sarah said...

A sweet baby who grins and coos EVERY time he gets his diaper changed...random, but so cute! Oh, and I love that you have Mr. Darcy on the list. haha

Eric and Lydia said...

That my husband lets me have a maid to come by every 2 weeks and make sure my house is clean. And I feel guilty, but then I remember, that I do it for HIM! ha ha. Oh yeah, and that today is the day she came, and that the honeysuckle has leafed out, which means spring is almost here! And that you posted on your blog so that I would have happy, grateful thoughts to read! And that cute picture of you, cuz I miss you!

Tiffiny Sowards said...

That I just disciplined one of my children in a very calm, mellow fashion. No yelling. No "carnie-mom" moment. And that he is sitting on his bed right now feeling very sorry for what he has done and not even trying to come out of his room because he knows I'll lock him in there if he even tries and also knowing that there's a good chance that no CPS agent is reading this and wanting to report me because I'm asserting myself to my child in a non-PC way so that he will grow up to be a good, upstanding citizen and not a hooligan who wears baggy pants, usings bad language and disrespects adults.
Happy thoughts, indeed! :-)

annette said...

Dreyers Moose Tracks (no sugar added)ice cream that my boys and I are eating right now while chillaxing because their sisters are gone to mutual with awesome leaders like YOU! And better yet, reading this happy post and then getting to read the comments of great friends too!

Shannon B said...

Do I have to do just ONE thought? Maybe I will do my own post on my blog with all my happy thoughts...

This is my one:

I just took a hot hot bubble bath. SOOOO relaxing and then I ate YUMMY banana bread. HAPPY TIMES!

Kristen said...

Hugs and kisses from Brenna

D-dawg said...

That tomorrow is Friday- YAY!!!

So, about the photography... I wish I could say I had some source I go to to learn but really I just take a million pictures and when they turn out great I pay attention to what I did. It is hard though and I wish I had someone I knew closely that could critique me. If you want to email me specific questions I'll email you back but really I might not know much more than you! It is so fun though. Good luck with your new books- which ones are they?

karensumpter said...

my sleeping baby! and does it really take 11 years for kids to learn to brush their teeth. oh no! right now miranda just likes to chew on her tooth brush and is not too fond of me doing it for her!

Joe and Julie said...

All of our children who love to communicate with each other. A line from my PB: "You will build your home in Zion and your family will grow around you said they will be a source of joy and happiness that will be beyond any other accomplishment that you shall ever know."

Natalie said...

The pink on your blog, for one
Zac Efron

Darrell said...

bananas are delicious.