Sunday, March 15, 2009


This is who Brady was today.  He got playing with the Monopoly money and then before I knew it he had this whole persona built around it.  He told me his name was $teve, with dollar signs as the "S".  He told me he wasn't sure what his job was but he made lots of money. He said he was something like a salesman. He set up shop on our kitchen table.  

I heard him talking to many people on the phone selling things like Play Stations. He told me later that he was so good that all the other salesmen were calling him up.  And that he made over a $1000 every 8 seconds.  

And that people give him $500 tips because he is so good.  He told us that he kept getting raises.  Afton's comment was, "Why do you need a raise, if you make a $1000 every 8 seconds?"  

My favorite conversation was one after he sold a lot of something to who-knows-who and he ended the conversation, "Ok, thanks for calling, bu-bye."  What a fun kid.

One other funny about Brady.  
We were in the car the other day ready to go somewhere.  All of a sudden he jumped out of the car and said, "I'll be right back."  A minute or 2 later he came back and said, "I just had to have one more cup of salvation."  Afton and I looked at each other strange and then asked him what a "cup of salvation" was.  He laughed and told us, it is a glass of milk.  What the???  I'm not positive, but this one may stick.  Ever since then we have been calling that white liquid you pour on your cereal, "salvation".  We don't know what it means but we can't stop laughing about it.


annette said...

That is hilarious!!! What a cutie. And I see a future business man here. Today was absolutely beautiful, wasn't it? I was driving home from MH dreaming of taking my family on a photo shoot with the wide open green never ending hills. You totally captured it in these darling pictures. How fun!

Lindseys said...

Love the hat, $teve. Can I have a loan? In fact just send me what you make in 10 minutes and we will call it good. Hilarious.

Also looks like toodad has a new name.


Matt said...

As long as this kid isnt clicking his pieces from space to space, I think $teve is on the route to success.

Eric and Lydia said...

That was so funny! Only, since the "salvation" you took a picture of looks like skim, I would just call it "gross"

Tiffiny Sowards said...

What an imagination!! I can't believe how much he looks like Afton in the first picture of him on the phone. I've never noticed their resemblance before.

Joe and Julie said...

What's this about an economic downturn? I don't think it applies to $teve.