Monday, May 11, 2009


I'm sorry if you hang around me very much but my new buzz-phrase is going to be, "Energy In". Feel free to tell me to shut up, but most likely I won't. Let me tell you why.

Energy In #1
Last week, I had the great opportunity to fly to Arizona and take a class from one of my all time favorite scrapbookers/artists/people. Her name is Heidi Swapp. I have had many favorites in the scrapbooking industry, but Heidi has been most consistently my favorite. She has her own scrapbook supply company. And recently started on a new venture called House of 3. Which I love and can't figure out how one person could be so talented. Now, it's one thing to have a artistic talent, but she is much more than that. I'm always impressed with her energy level, her positive attitude and her ability to "get it done". I have had a few conversations with her over the internet (and in real life) and can't believe someone so busy would take/have the time to answer me and do so in such a meaningful way. She has given me some great insight over the last few months (which may be a post for another day) But communicating with her on a personal level hasn't dampened my opinion of her. In fact it has made me more of an admirer. So a the beginning of the year when I read on her blog about a new class she was teaching called "The Energy Journal" I knew, out of all the people I would like to learn about energy from, it would be her. I tried several different options where she was teaching, Edmonton, Houston and another venue in AZ, but none seemed to work out.

Hero Worship! (I'm trying not to be a stalker, lol)

I was thrilled when I got the green light from Brad that I could book a flight and a spot in the class.

Here's what I learned:
-Energy is like a circuit. It needs to be completed to do any good.
-Unblocking your "che" (um, I have no idea what the correct spelling of this word is) makes more sense if you replace the word "che" with the word "energy"
-Energy is the currency of life.
-Your energy can only be spent by you, and only you can choose where to spend it.
-If you choose to spend it only on "energy out" things, it's not going to be long before your "energy account" is depleted.
-The only thing you need to do to get energy in your account is to acknowledge what gives you energy, and suddenly the energy is there.
-"Energy in" items are personal and individual but they are often small and overlooked. (It could be something as small as a new pair of socks or as big as a trip to AZ to take a very cool class;) Remember to recognize Energy In.
-Some expenditures (energy out) are an investment. The return doesn't come back to you until a later time, but it is worth it (possibly something like taking care of your children)
-Gratitude is "free" energy. Anytime you feel grateful for something your energy account gets a deposit.

This is the class room. Look at how cute it is. Talk about Energy In!

Here are a few shots of my journal. It is supposed to be a work in progress, so this is just the bare bones. I can't wait to start adding to it. Can you see how it works? It is a "gate" opening (opens from the center). There are pages etc. to put "energy in" quotes and/or photos and more. I told you!... totally cool!

Energy In! #2
My sister Suzie lives in Gilbert, AZ. I got to stay with them while I was there and it was just the nicest thing ever. We got to talk all we wanted about life, love and life's challenges. I played with some of the cutest neices and nephews in the world. We got to eat out at Famous Dave's BBQ and Black Angus. And after I took my class, we were able to "unblock" some energy. Suzie and I cleaned and reorganized Suzie and Michael's Bedroom. I found it totally fun and energizing (much more exciting than cleaning my own room).

Famous Daves! Oh man I was so full! But it was oh, so good! Energy In!

Julia ALWAYS wanted to have her picture taken, she loved the idea of picture messages on cell phones and wanted to me to take lots of funny face pictures to send to cousin Afton. Catherine was grumpy in this photo because she was ready for a nap, and Collin was just making a point..."no pictures for him!"

This is my favorite photo!

Me and my Suzie in her clean and organized room (really! we are the same height, what is up with this photo - midget)

Energy In! #3
When I got home on Saturday I found out that Brad and the kids were taking care of Mother's Day Dinner the next day and had invited my parents down for the feast. We had Tri-tip, artichokes, mashed potatoes, jello and chocolate lava cake for dessert. I also got breakfast in bed and the chance to go for a walk in the beautiful weather with my cute doggies and my even cuter husband.

(See, I told you he was cute)

Thanks family, you're the best!!

This is our serious look (Brady=tired, Brad="genuinely" serious, Stef=angry - typical, Kelsi=confused, Afton= "acting"serious)

This is our goofy look (notice how Brad looks the same in every picture - I purposely deleted the picture where he was yawning:)

Me and the cutest kids EVER! I can't believe such cuteness is related to me.

As I continually struggle to be the kind of mom that kids are glad to have (and often failing miserably) I am lucky to live near my mommy. She is such a consistent example of patience, service, organization, positive attitude and insight. I don't have a natural ability at these things like she seems to, but I am glad she lives close so I can study her talents. I just hope my kids selective memories and then maybe someday they might think of me half as highly as I think of my mom. I could live with that.

I love you Mom!!!

BONUS - Energy In!
The day before I left for AZ. I was able to have lunch with my favorite Mogul friend Dianne and her adorable daughter Annie. They moved away from San Jose to Utah about 9 months ago. I miss them terribly! It was great fun and I was extremely sad it had to end. We ate at Mimi's Cafe (a tradition stemming from the old Mustard Moon days) and then drained our wallets at Home Goods afterwards. Can you say cha-ching? Dianne, you are the greatest!! Love you a ton!

Annie told us to laugh. Really? No problem there!!!


annette said...

Hey, stop having so much fun without me, would you?! I loved reading all about your great week and you look beautiful in every picture. That's not hard to do when you ARE so beautiful. Love the concept of Energy In and now I must go...Dickson Out.

Shannon B said...

SOOO fun and sooo jealous you got to play with Suz! That is very nice you got to get away and play and learn some Energy In stuff. That sounds like the kind of thing I need!!! Annette is look GORGEOUS in every picture! I really like the green top you have on when you are out to dinner with Suz and fam!

BTW, for what is is worth, you ARE a great mom and I strive to be like YOU. Seriously, give yourself a little more credit! Can I see you soon or what?

Carolina said...

You too are so cute. I wish I could have been there, looks like you guys had lots of fun! What would women do without girlfriends?

Dianne said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww! Now I'm gonna cry! I already miss my MOGUL STEF!
Those pics are a hoot - we are goofballs.
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your Energy In book! I have to see that in real life soon. WOWZERS.
Yay that you had fun!
You Meyers are cute people, and super missed. Come visit us pronto.
Tomorrow is Idol and Biggest Loser, I think my head's gonna pop off, I'm just tooooooo excited!

Janet said...

what great experiences! so fun... and all "energy in" type of things. i guess "energy in" is also an attitude, no? love ya!

Joe and Julie said...

I could just feel the energy radiating as I read your blog. And thanks for including us in your Mother's Day celebration party. May the "energy force" continue to be with you.

karensumpter said...

Fun blog entry! I wish I could be with you do do all these fun things. You should have lots of energy by now right? I guess its all about appreciating the small things. Your family is SO CUTE in the mothers day pictures...every one of you! Kelsi's hair is adorable!

Stimpsons said...

Wow, let the energy flow!!! I'm so glad you could come and I love my room!!!!!! Thanks, thanks, thanks, you're an awesome big sis. Thanks for sharing the energy! I needed it and am trying to keep it :)


Natalie said...

i like this energy thing...hmmm
i love your momma too