Friday, May 15, 2009


Thanks to my good friend Annette who reminded me with her blog post, "Finding Joy in the Journey" that I had planned to write something similar back in January. Pay close attention to her quote by Thomas S. Monson. I love it! So true.

Anyway, I took these pictures a few months ago after everyone had left the house one morning. I was feeling a little bit frayed out. I was just tired of picking up after everyone, you know the feeling..."I just got this place cleaned up and here we go again..." Then I walked into a room and saw this...

For some reason it just caught my heart. Brady (already 11) had been playing with his Cars toys ("guys", as we call them). They were arranged in a funny way and I started wondering what he had been thinking while playing with them. Then I realized that these days are short lived. There's going to come a time when he's not going to be caught dead playing with Lightening McQueen. I ran and got my camera... then I started realizing how quickly everything changes and that all the little messes I was annoyed about picking up AGAIN weren't always going to be there and that in reality, I would miss them, at least I would miss the mess makers. I walked from room to room taking pictures of some the evidence that my favorite people were alive and well. It even made me realize that I left messes around too. I guess we're all just human. And I love that!

Who else in our house (besides me) would leave make-up around?

Kelsi has a place to put all her school books and papers when she's not using them, but they still always end up on the washer and dryer, along with empty drink bottles that never seem to find there way to the recycle can without my help.

Brad had been methodically going through the entire collection of Seinfeld episodes to see which ones he wanted to keep. This was a common sight in the weight room for a many months. (He's now moved on to Star Trek, The Next Generation)

Yes, even I had left something out that morning (don't laugh that they are only 3 lbs. I'm sure I was doing something very tricky and strenuous that day:)


Janet said...

I love it! Thanks for reminding me that messes are good!

Carolina said...

You are going to treasure these pictures!!! They will remind you of real life. I got to do this one day!

Kristen said...

Great post. I love the Brady playing with cars--can our babies really be that old?

Caroline said...

What a sweet, heart wrenching post!

annette said...

May 15th??? How did I miss this? My blogger feed has been playing tricks on me these days.

Anyway, you told me about the pictures you had taken. This is really great! How fun to capture Brad's delayed obsession with Seinfeld too. (a post in and of itself, right?)

Love the way you put, "The Mess Makers"...this was really great!!!