Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Doctors I've Loved

As most of you know I drive around a lot during the day. Sometimes I put my time to good use by memorizing poems or scriptures or listening to conference. This is what I did today. I thought about all the TV shows I've watched over the years and I started realizing that I like lots of shows with Doctors. Here's a run down, because I know you love my comentary about useless, meaningless trivia about pop culture. (In no particular order)

Dr. Doug Ross - E.R.
Of course I have to put him first! Brad calls him "The Head Wagger" - but he's still quite charming don't you think? E.R was never the same without him.

Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable - Cosby Show
I learned lots of life skills and human relation skills from the Cosby show.

Dr. Hawkeye Pierce - MASH
I never watched this show in primetime (more like I wasn't allowed to watch.) But when Brad and I were first married we watched the reruns almost every night. Hawkeye is a brilliant character.

Dr. Gregory House - House
Could there be a more quirky, dysfunctional, brilliant doctor? Ya gotta love him. And I just have to say, I LOVE this photo, something about the blue tile in the background! And here's to all the other doctors on the show too. I like them as well.

Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy - Star Trek
I have many people to thank for this, Quentin Decker, Sharon Kennsinger, and now Brad - he has downloaded a lot of these old shows.
"For gosh sakes Jim, I'm a doctor not a physicist!"

I also have to give Karl Urban props too. I loved him as Bones in the new Star Trek movie!

Dr. Fraiser Crane -Fraiser
Again, dysfunctional and totally lovable and funny!
(Niles always got the best lines though.)

Dr. Doogie Howser - Doogie Howser
Again, I never watched it while it was in primetime. I caught up with it on Nick at Night back in the day. And Neil Patrick Harris still cracks me up. Have you seen his commercial for Old Spice? Google it!

Dr. Adam Bricker (Doc) - Love Boat
Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Hee hee hee! Ho Ho Ho!
That's all I have to say about that.

Dr. Michaela Quinn - Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
I LOVED this show. I'm sure it wasn't as great as I remember, but I couldn't get enough of it. And why, almost 20 years later does Jane Seymore look EXACTLY the same? not fair.

Dr. Beverly Crusher - Star Trek The Next Generation
I love that her real name is Gates.
Also, in all fairness, I have to mention Dr. Katherine Pulaski who "took over" for Dr. Crusher in season 2. The audacity. Really, no one can replace Dr. Crusher. But after watching the reruns several times, I grew to appreciate her. But I was thrilled to get Dr. Crusher back.

And just for fun, I have to include someone from my stint of watching General Hospital. I remember the Quartermaines and several other doctors but I would never say I loved them. I liked Tony Jones, but was unable to find a picture of him. So I'm posting a picture of his "brother" Frisco Jones (who wasn't a doctor). He was played by Jack Wagner whom I liked better anyway. He sang on the show and was "married" to Felicia. (Ok, so it was a low point in my TV viewing)

(and just incase you were wondering, I didn't forget Grey's Anatomy and Scrubs. I just never really watched - you'd think I would since I am such a fan of shows with doctors.)


Carolina said...

Wait you forgot one, my current obsession which is Dr Chase!!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!! He is so cute and handsome and such small, little, itty, bitty MAN! Of course, Dr House is my weird obsession too!!!!!!!!!!! His sarcarsm is just the best!!!!!!!!!!!

Shannon B said...

That is QUITE the list. I like most of them too, although I don't know some of them. LOL!!

So you REALLY should watch Scrubs. It is HILARIOUS, especially the 1st few seasons. I laugh OUT LOUD A LOT when I watch it, although it is a bit dirty at times...

annette said...

How funny is this! I love the way your pop cultured, trivia minded mind works. Who knew you had a thing for so many doctors, haha. I watched those first three shows pretty religiously. Star Trek mostly because Loren was into it ;) Sooo, who's Dr. Chase???

Natalie said...

george clooney is the best lookin

Eric and Lydia said...

Speaking of Dr.'s and Neil Patrick Harris, have you seen Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog? It's hilarious.

Life with 4 crazy boyz said...

I love all you're random thinking!! You are hilarious and always put a smile on my face...I wish my brain stopped thinking and worrying long enough to daydream!! You are an inspiration!!