Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Still Sweet, Still Sixteen...

Did anyone out there realize that Kelsi is 16 and has been for more than 6 months? Ok, some of you may know, but it is no thanks to me. I hog-tied her back then and made her pose for some pictures (not her favorite activity). I fully intended to post about her 16th birthday but alas, I never did. I am repenting and posting about her now.

Here are some things I love and appreciate and admire about Kelsi

~ easy to have a conversation with
~ has her own style
~ isn't overly concerned about how others see her
~ a hopeless romantic
~ loves to learn
~ a deep thinker
~ beautiful
~ truthful
~ good sense of humor
~ not embarrassed about her family (too much)
~ has a VERY creative mind
~ feels deeply
~ resourceful

~ stunning eyes
~ careful
~ loving
~ keeps her cool (mostly)
~ good student
~ chooses the right
~ solid and stable
~ good example
~ talented in piano playing, movie editing, writing, drawing and scriptural knowledge.
At the risk of sounding too much like a proud and pleased mother, I'll curtail my list. But my heart is full and my tears are overflowing thinking about my sweet, loving 16 1/2 year old. I love you Kelsi!

P.S. She gets her braces off starting in tomorrow! Woot! Woot!


annette said...

Never too late to post about our children. You were just putting off the inevitable...crying! This was such a sweet, beautiful post for a sweet beautiful girl. I love Kelsi too!!!!!

Tiffiny Sowards said...

Kelsi melted my heart at girls camp when she said, "Sister Sowards..... I miss you." She's a beautiful young woman inside & out.

Lindseys said...

Kelsi's so awesome! I love the second pic.


Kris said...

awww, my Kelsi! We miss you!!!!

Shannon B said...

Awwww! Baby Kels (AKA shashi) is all grown up!! sniff sniff

Janet said...

awww... i love kelsi too!