Wednesday, December 23, 2009


(can you believe it? we didn't even get a picture of us - but this was taken a few days ago - we still look pretty much the same)

Yesterday was our 19th anniversary! I have to say it was an awesome day. I love Brad so much and it just keeps getting better.

I am so blessed to have someone so talented, nice, concerned and beautiful. I am glad he is into me (his wife) and us (his family). I'm glad he has a good head and a good heart. I'm glad we had the chance to be together last night to bond, to reconnect and to hold hands. It's hard in this crazy world and at this busy time of year to remember to do that.

At first I was excited about the prospect of going out last night, but as time got closer I was realizing how much stuff I still had to do before Christmas and I was cursing ourselves for the billionth time, for choosing to get married at Christmastime. Just one more added stress. Not to mention I had to think of a another present to get for Brad. I mean, come on now, Christmas is hard enough.

But... it was a perfect evening!

We went to dinner at the Chart House in Monterey. We ate overlooking the ocean which we hardly glanced at because we were having such good, engaging conversation, we connected, we ate Chocolate Lava Cake! It was AWESOME! Brad gave me a brand new orange iPod. 16G with a video camera and FM radio. He also made me this cutest video, set to music called "California Girl" - sung by Chillawack (a Canadian band) - are you seeing some deep meaning here? It was so sweet. I really enjoyed it even though it was mostly just a bunch of pictures of me -lol (later he made that comment that the video was really a present for him)

After dinner we went to see the new movie Avatar. I was skeptical. But WOW it was so, so, so well done! It was 2 1/2 hours and not once did I wonder when it was going to end. It has definitely set the bar for CGI and future movies of this type. We made the comment that it is the Star Wars of 2009.

All together it was a special and bonding night. And thanks to the configuration of Brad's new truck I actually got to slide over and sit next too him as we drove around. Just like the good old days. Really, it felt just like that (only better)

Here's the photo montage Brad made for me! You'll have to pause my playlist (down on the right sidebar) so the music doesn't conflict


Shannon B said...

STEEEEF! It blows my little mind that it has been 19 years!!! WOW!! That is awesome! CONGRATS! Your evening sounds perfectly ROMANTIC and way fun! My kids really like Avatar (the cartoon) and so we have been thinking about seeing the movie.

I LOVED your cute! You gorgeous gal! You have so many different looks (this is a good thing!) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!

Kris said...

I knew your anniversary was coming up and I did the math to see how long it's 19 years...AWESOME

Carolina said...

Happy Anniversary!!! What a beautiful couple you are!!! WE love you both tons!!!

Joe and Julie said...

What a perfect evening. The video was terrific. We are glad you are our California girl, too. We love your family. Have your kids seen the video or read your blog? I hope so.

Janet said...

awwww... that was so sweet! what an awesome present! happy anniversary!!