Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mission 10

(game face)

Well, I did it! Yesterday I ran the 10 mile run here in San Juan Bautista. I really didn't ever see myself doing something like this. It was a super nice day (maybe a little too nice, I prefer running under a cloud cover)! It started and ended at the historic Catholic Mission (beautiful venue) and went out into the agriculture area surrounding it.

(only about 100 meters to go)

My Stats:
I came in 22 out of 31 in my age group
My time was, 1 hour, 46 minutes and 26 seconds

Andy Chatham, Caroline Anderson, and, Loren Dickson from Hollister ran it too.

I love that Loren and Andy are giving all their energy at the end, to finish the race and then there's Fan - Andy's Dog (who also ran the whole 10) looking like she sees a cat off to the side that she might have to go chase for a while.

And Ben and Carolina Reed came down from Morgan Hill.

I love this picture of Ben and Carolina - such cute people!

It makes such a difference to have friends there with you.

There was also a 5K race going on too. Brad and Brady chose to do this one. I think next year Brad'll choose to do the 10 mile... but he may not be as goofy at the finish line.

Kelsi and Afton (and Macy) came to cheer me on, I was surprised and happy. Aren't they cute?

(this is such a cute photo! I love it!)

(Macy's the only one that didn't mind the sweat - in fact, she kinda liked it)

Really! I totally, totally enjoyed it. Such a sense of accomplishment and I felt so good afterward. Mile 8 was hard. I was ready to be done and I was pleasantly surprised the the song "Down By the Lazy River" by the Osmonds was the song that came on to get me over the hump... seriously it cracks me up that is was that song. (My regular power song happened to come on during a downhill stretch, miles before, oh well.)

Who knows I might even try a 1/2 marathon next time. Right now that extra 3 miles sounds like torture, so we'll see.

Here's the parting photo. This guy ran in a kilt. I think he knew it would be a chick magnet. He was right!


Lindseys said...

Way to go, Stef! That is really an accomplishment. I hope never to accomplish something like that.


Jennifer Miller said...

My Hero!

Carolina said...

You did a fabulous job!!! It was hard work and it was fun to do it together!!! BTW I had some special jelly beans that give energy when I run and when we passed each other I was trying to give some to you!!!

Shannon B said...

WHOOOHOOO! I am so soo soooooo impressed with you! Your pics are cute and you are cuter! Congrats on such a great accomplishment! You are so awesome!

Theriault Family said...

GO STEF! love the photos... love the accomplishment! go 1/2 marathon next! can't wait to hear about it!

annette said...

GREAT RACE STEF!!! You did AMAZING! And you look so darn cute in all those pictures. Way to go my runner friend!

Kris said...

I second Derek's opinion! HA
I am so happy for you and your awesome accomplishment!!!!!

Tiffiny said...

Yaaay, Stef! OF COURSE you'll be trying a 1/2 marathon next! Can't you hear the Santa Barbara one in November calling your name already? (Well... give it a few months. You're body will be craving it!)
Way to go Kelsi with the sign! It makes such a difference when you have support along the way.

karensumpter said...

I'm so proud of you!! I loved watching the video that brad emailed. Congrats on 10 whole miles!