Monday, August 30, 2010

Manic Weekend

It was up!
It was down.

Saturday there was a few rare moments where the scene in my house seemed to be cut straight out of the pages of "How to Raise a Kind, Well Adjusted, and Christlike Family, that Works Together, Plays Together and Loves Each Other" (yes, there really is a periodical called this... you might know it better by it's acronym, HTRaKWAaCFtWTPTaLEO). Picture this, Kelsi came out of hibernation (her bedroom) and was patiently helping Afton with her homework. They were cooperating and being kind to each other, this gave us the chance to witness, first hand, Kelsi's pleasant personality - not as easy to observe when she retires to her room and to her computer. After golfing a fantastic round, Brad was home to teach me how to use the Rug Doctor, but then volunteered to shampoo the carpets himself (so sweet), so I could continue my deep cleaning of the upstairs hallway (this may sound like an easy job, but it was a quel nightmare. Suffice it to say I had the ladder out and my magic eraser and crevice tools were flying). I had already previously scoured and bleached the kitchen sink, vacuumed the stairs, made delicious and healthy salads for lunch and ran 5 miles. Brady was very pleasant and helpful, he made Afton's lunch and starred in the movie she was making for World Studies, without even batting an eye. It was definitely a red letter day in the Meyer household, one where angels were quietly humming "Love At Home" in the background.

That evening was just the icing on the cake. Brad and I surprised the kids with tickets to see Brian Regan. They didn't know what we were doing right up until we were in the car headed in the direction of the show. Even though they were burning up with curiosity they all cooperated and were ready on time, and were even willing to pose for some photos before we left (since when is everyone on the same page for that?... try never!) No one even complained about where we were going to go for dinner except a little concern on Afton's part when she heard we were going to the "Old Spaghetti Factory" (I don't think she wanted to eat food from a place that has "old" in the title) Lucky for her the wait was too long so we at at Sonoma Chicken across the street. YUM! Ahhh, life was bliss. I knew right then and there I would never have to worry about discipline or unkind words in our house EVER again.

Cut to Sunday--

It all started off innocently enough, we even left for church early and had time to pick up friend Shaelyn, whose parents were out of town. But by the time a very long, very tiresome day was coming to an end, the boredom took over. Brady was making very loud, very unnecessary noises at every turn. Kelsi disappeared back into her room (who'd blame her with all the boy-noise going on) Brady and Afton were playing baseball in the family room (yes, you read that correctly)... watch out glass picture frames and vases. Brad took a long nap and then closed himself in his office. I was left making dinner and trying to keep my wits about me. Seeing that everyone was making movements to resume their previous activities as soon as dinner was over I made a few comments about all pitching in to clean. You can imagine how this was received. To make a long story short, the whining commenced, people spoke for the "easy" jobs, and insults about the choice of songs or the sound of singing voices started flying. Others were begging to make chocolate chip cookies instead of cleaning. I made it very clear that we were all going to help and no one was to make cookies until the kitchen was clean. 10 minutes later I was in my room in tears of frustration. I didn't come out for the rest of the night. I got up this morning and realized ALL was exactly the same as when I left it. Dirty dishes in the sink and on the counters, un-wiped table, trash laying around, stuck on, dried on food... and one addition, a batch of chocolate chip cookies still adorning the likes of the cookie sheets they were baked on, with all the paraphernalia to go with them propped precariously around different parts of the kitchen. Sigh...
I tried not to notice the items laying around the upstairs hallway (yes the one I just cleaned). I tried not to dwell on the piles of laundry waiting to be done, I tried to ignore the rings in the toilet bowls and the nasty hair clogging the drain of the shower. I've got my work cut out for me today - no wonder I never get to that list of "things I'd like to do someday."

I know, I know, enjoy this time right? It'll be gone all too soon.

Those of you who are Brian Regan fans will recognize this image as him, even though it is a terrible photo. I only brought my whimpy, little PAS camera plus I was deathly afraid of the elderly usher in our section at the show. The man had already come screaming down the isle, wagging his aged finger and moving quite quickly for someone who'd been bussed in from the geriatric ward; threatening to confiscate someone's camera, all before the show even started. I couldn't very well have the glowing screen of my little camera shining all over the place while I steadied the camera, waited for good lighting and for Mr. Regan to hold still so I could shoot without using the flash, now could I. So instead, I just raised the camera up, got him in my sights, took the shot and quickly put the camera back in my purse. This lone photo was the result. Sadly, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to sell this photo illegally on eBay any time soon. The quality just isn't good enough. I really thought for a second I might have a new business idea going on.

What you may think is a figment of your imagination or an over exposed photo though really isn't. What you do in fact see IS a platinum blonde Brian. He called himself "Frosty Locks" and said if we didn't find his jokes funny we could just laugh at his head for an hour. Other than that he offered no other explanation. He is a funny, funny guy! I adore him!


Annette said...

ok, speaking of skinny! Look at you! You're doing awesome! And yay for the perfect Saturday. Sundays are hard. We should have called each other and made a plan, cause after dinner it was total slothfulness here.

Love the photos of your growing family. Wow, look at your teenagers!

Jennifer Miller said...

I think you may have described my life, but way more intelligently then I could have. LOVE BRIAN R. and I am so very jellous of your SATURDAY night

Janet said...

hey stef, so glad, so sad to hear that the same thing happens at your house as at mine. glad to hear i'm not the only one, BUT sad that yours are all older than mine, so they don't grow out of it! :) YAY for brian reagan! love that guy!

Joe and Julie said...

Ya gotta be thankful for the periodic miracles. It gets better over a long span of time.

Stimpsons said...

While I was joyfully reading your blog my children were dispensing ice cubes from the refrigerator door and throwing them across the floor. Maybe to see how far they will go or to see if they will break. There is now a big puddle in the dining room. I better they are trying to clean the puddle with kleenex.: )

karensumpter said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one whose Sundays don't go so well...and I only have one.

Stimpsons said...

Anyhow, I enjoyed reading about your week and knowing that I'm not alone in the "I'm the only one who feels the need to keep the house clean" department (as far as kids go). Glad you had a blissful day in there, though!!! Keep being a good mom. Love ya,

Shannon B said...

Same kind of stuff going on in our kids problem area is the bathroom. Wes has an aiming problem, Syd has a HUGE blob of toothpaste in the sink problem and Landon is just a problem. The kids bathroom makes me a bit...shal we say HYSTERICAL (not the good kind). I guess we just have to appreciate those good days...right? I wish we got to go to Brian Regan with ya! SOOOOO fun!

Lindseys said...

That was a fun post, Stef. I'm sure your blissful Saturdays outweigh your stressful Sundays (I ought to put that on a greeting card.)

We need to get out to see BR again.

Suzie, you crack me up with your description of what your kids are doing while you read this blog.