Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It Is What It Is

I randomly stumbled across this list yesterday in one of the many notebooks I have stashed in different parts of my house. I don't know when or why I wrote this. I think I must have been trying to remind (or convince) myself that some things you just can't change. I laughed right out loud, a much needed reprieve at the time. I thought you might need a laugh too.

It is what it is

We live in San Juan Bautista
Kelsi has a seizure disorder
We have only 3 kids
Family lives far away
Brad golfs on Saturdays
Obama is President


Darrell said...

'Brad golfs on Saturdays' is my favorite.

Kristen said...

That about sums it up!

Shannon B said...

hahahaha. you are right, it is what it is! Thanks for the laugh!

Annette said...

Do I laugh or cry...you still live in SJB and not next door. And does Brad golfing on Saturday realize he made the same list with Obama as President? But that Kelsi has been doing really good, right? What's the latest?