Thursday, September 16, 2010


I'm waiting for my iPod to charge so I can take it with me when I run in a few minutes. So while I'm waiting I thought I would post about "Da Ma-chine" (this must be said with a deep, slow, monotone voice). "Da Ma-chine" lives in our neighborhood and always seems to be out running or riding his bike. He is very focused and very stiff and very unfriendly. He is always decked out in the latest gear and seems not to notice anybody or anything he shares the road with. This has earned the poor guy the title, "Da Ma-chine".

The other day while I was out running I passed him going the other way. Usually he avoids me by crossing the street or going a different direction. But this particular day there was no avoidance. We were on a relatively narrow path that pedestrians use to get by the gate at the front of our neighborhood. I waved and smiled and said good morning as we passed. I could almost hear the gears and wheels whirring as they tried to access his neuro-processor to see what the "collective" stationed aboard the mothership would recommend he do. At the last second he raised his left arm very slightly, and while looking away, executed what I'm sure he considered to be a very genuine wave. Wow! I felt honored.

I keep hoping he'll run by while I'm writing this so I can snap a picture... but it looks like I'm out of luck today. Someday, if I'm ever so fortunate I'll post it for your viewing pleasure... You're welcome!

Watch out! Resistance is Futile!

several days later... I got a shot, enjoy

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