Friday, September 24, 2010

Troy - It's Been A Year

Well, how can you do it?
Can you dislike the sun, even when it burns you? Can you dislike ice-cream on a hot day, even if it drips on your pants? Is it possible to turn your back on a rainbow, even if it is in the middle of a downpour? Can you hate a kiss from your grandma, even if it is a little wet and leaves a red lipstick mark? Impossible, right?

This is how we feel about Troy. I tell ya, that dog has issues. Some are inborn and some, I'm sure, are from a questionable puppyhood. But you can't stand not to absolutely love him. He is full of personality. He is never sad or unhappy and it is absolutely impossible to make him that way. He thinks everything is a game, a party, a shindig. He thinks we all exist solely to play with him. He thinks all other dog exist solely to play with him. The vets all adore him. They call him a keeper. But ugghhh, he is definitely his own person, er... uh... dog, and sometimes you don't know if you'd like to hug him or just really arm wrestle him (movie quote alert.)

The vets are right, he IS a keeper. But is it worth it, at the risk of all of us going completely insane? The answer is YES! A whole-hearted and totally unanimous YES!


Annette said...

Awwww! What a great post. I love it.

Annette said...

This picture of Troy is just the cutest thing ever!