Thursday, May 13, 2010


For Kelsi's 17th birthday she received 5 tickets to see Wicked in San Francisco's Orpheum Theater. The original idea was that the family would all go. After I ordered the tickets Brad said, "You know, it's not really a gift for her if we dictate who gets to go with her. I think she should get to choose." So this is exactly what she did. She chose Afton, I think because she knew she would probably never hear the end of it if she didn't. (Or, maybe it was because they're sisters and they really do like each other) She picked me, probably because I have a car. (Or maybe because she really does find my company enjoyable) Then came the hard part. She did want her Dad and Brady to go but she also wanted to take all of her friends, she stressed for weeks about it, claiming it was the hardest decision of her life. (She is just super sensitive about people feeling left out) She finally settled on Alyssa and Angela, both of whom had never seen Wicked before. As it turns out Grandma Lindsey had never seen it either. We were able to get her 1 more ticket (sitting fairly close to us - she actually had a better seat). In the end, Brad and Brady didn't feel TOO left out because it was the same night that the San Jose Sharks played the Detroit Redwings in Round 2 of the playoffs for the Stanley Cup, and they had tickets! (side note: the Sharks won! GO SHARKS!)

The girls were cute! They were all so excited!

Here they are in a moment of reverie. I think this one is so awesome!

I like the way this turned out - me and my mommy!

********** BEWARE**********
Here are the contraband photos. No photography in the Theater, right?
Glinda and Madam Morrible and the Citizens of Oz

Glinda and Elphaba at Curtain Call

The Cast


Christie said...

My favorite play EVER. Love it. I'm taking my girl again when it hits our city this summer.

Shannon B said...

Awww fun! I have yet to see that play, although I love the music!!! Why didn't Kelsi invite me!?!?! :) How cute that mommy got to go. Did she like it?

Tiffiny said...

I STILL need to see it!! Somehow an anniversary, Christmas, a birthday and Mother's Day have all slipped by without any tickets popping up to surprise me. What's up with that? My hubby needs to get on the ball!!

Annette said...

So glad she chose wisely, Anna was so happy that she chose them. What a great gift, Stef!

Dianne said...

HOLY COW!!!!!!!!! How exciting!
I too shall someday see this show.
What a fabulous bday gift!
And your pics are ADORABLE!

karensumpter said...

Hey, I've never seen it either, jk! I'm so glad mom got to go!! How fun for you all!

Janet said...

what a fun b-day present! i love that mom got to go! wicked is awesome!

Joe and Julie said...

Good blog entry. You guys have good taste.