Friday, May 7, 2010

In Honor of Iron Man

Iron Man II is opening today... I'm excited to see it.
Here's my very own Iron Man. He doesn't have a spray tan or make-up and hair artists surrounding him; but he's hot, and he's mine, and he's just as awesome as Tony Stark (though not quite as rich).

Love you!


brooke said...

I popped over from Ashley's blog (I'm her sister) because i had to try to find your husband and see if he really does look like the legendary RDjr. How thrilled was I to find this post comparing them! You're right--he does look like him. You are a lucky woman.

Shannon B said...

HA!! Brad is WAY cuter than Iron Man!! I love the comparison though!! HAHAHA!

Carolina said...

Happy wife of Mr Ironman Meyer!

Natalie said...

totally agree with shan...brad is better lookin'