Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Good Reminder

(I'm not too proud to show you what my kitchen looks like RIGHT now! Yikes!)

Yesterday my Visiting Teachers showed up - amidst my crazy schedule and running from one thing to the next (last month I even told them it would help me more if they DIDN'T come, lol) They are always sensitive to my schedule and got right into the lesson yesterday.

Since it is the month they are to choose a lesson from the General Conference issue of the Ensign, they picked Julie Beck's talk, "And Upon the Handmaids in Those Days Will I Pour Out My Spirit". I just wanted to share with you what they chose to share from that talk, (it must have been because they saw my kitchen;-).

"A good woman knows that she does not have enough time, energy or opportunity to take care of all of the people or do all of the worthy things her heart yearns to do."

I told them... I must not be THAT good of a woman then, cuz I still sometimes think I CAN do it all. LOL! But I have been thinking of this counsel ever since then, and trying to figure out how I'm going to find the right balance. I just thought I'd pass it along to you.

And then as if by reinforcing this message later in the day I read on Stacy Julian's blog this quote:

"I can do anything I want, I just can't do everything I want."

...Really? I just can't decide if this is comforting or aggravating.

It really gets stressful when other people have expectations of what I "should" be doing too. It truly is a balancing act.

While I was still mulling all this over, I woke up to a blog post by Heidi Swapp. She seems to be feeling some of the same emotions and feelings as me. Her life is WAY more intense than mine but, it's nice to know this feeling of "constantly treading water" even happens to those who NEVER seem to be down. She got some good advice from a friend (which I love) -- "You have to create the life you love. You have to envision how you want things to be; set goals; make changes and go to work with your priorities in the right places. Stop whining, start doing. And be grateful for EVERY LITTLE THING." Now she seems to be back on track... So, if she hits a wall every now and again and then works though it, and continues on, so can I - Right?

Now don't get me wrong... I feel like I am setting and reaching goals (things like giving more service, doing family history, diet and exercise and Project Life) some of these things are even part of my new years resolutions, humph, go figure! The demands are just high and the rewards are sometimes hard to notice. Now, this isn't supposed to be a depressing post, I hope it isn't. I want it to be the sharing of information. Something that helped me (and others). It's clear we all need a little help sometimes!


Now on a lighter note. Here are some other things that have been happening around here:

1. The dogs have caught 2 squirrels in the last few days. I wish I could catch it on video sometime. I tell you, it is poetry in motion.

2. Brad and I have started P90X. Oww, can you say, "sore muscles"?

3. The kids did their spring piano recital. They all did fabulous. Afton played - Cruella Deville, Kelsi played - Go the Distance (from Hercules) and Brady played - The Pink Panther

4. The weather will just NOT shape up. Where is our flip flop weather?

5. Kelsi got her hair cut short (yes, even shorter than that)

6. I've been helping Annette make T-shirts for her family reunion. I tell ya, that Yudu machine is awesome!

7. The Biggest Loser, American Idol, Dancing With the Stars and Bones all ended this week - (ya, you're probably thinking, "If she would just stop watching tv she might not be so stressed, and she might get more done. Rest assured, I am ALWAYS multi-tasking)

8. Seminary ended - now if school just would. We are all hanging on with our fingernails to the bitter end

9. Brady loves street hockey, and is getting really good on roller blades

10. We swapped out our Apple TV for a new Mac Mini. We can now watch whatever is online or saved on the hard drive through our TV. Nice! Especially with Netflix "instant viewing" movies etc.

11. I have lots of names, from my dad's side of the family found, and ready for temple work (they aren't our straight line geneology - but they are aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews)

12. I got to go play with play-doh with my 4 year old neighbor the other day. He invited me over, so I went. And despite my long list of things to do, it was refreshing to roll snakes, make a pizzas and a cake and, at his request, a city with a volcano.

13. I am running a 5K 3 times a week - This week I even ran to the Windmill Market (lol, yes, on the highway and everything. I like to live on the edge)

14. I tried the Subway Breakfast this week - not surprising, I'm in love.

15. We had Stake Conference last Saturday and Sunday.

16. There was a baptism of a girl that was in the School Play with Kelsi and Afton. She became interested in the church because of the good examples of the cast members that are LDS

17. Afton perfected her back handspring (and hurt her elbow doing it)

18. We are ever working on ideas to keep our dogs out of the garden. I think it may actually work this time. Now we just need to figure out how to keep Troy from attacking the peach tree.

19. I'm an aunt again. My sister Suzie had her baby. Her name is Meghan, and I can't wait to meet her!

20. We did spring cleaning here (well it's still sort of going on). We got rid of a TON of stuff! Things are so much cleaner and more organized, whew! The kids loved every bit of it! (ya right)

21. The Sharks lost in Round 2 of the Playoffs. It was a sad day!

22. My new favorite breakfast (besides the Subway thing) is Oatmeal with frozen berries! YUM! I'm not even kidding, try it! (Caroline is my inspiration)

23. I want one of these


karensumpter said... sounds like you guys are super busy. I love your #23 thing that is going on, that you 'want one of these.' You crack me up! Also, I really like the quote from your friend about creating the life you love, etc. I need to write that one down!

Carolina said...

Busy lady you are!!!! I bet you are excited for this summer to start as much as we are!!! Life will settle down a bit, I hope!

Lindseys said...

You guys are busy, busy, busy. I had to laugh at some of your items. Your "I want one of these" comment reminded me of a funny line in Iron Man II. We have a funny story about P90X you will have to ask us about. Lauren played the Pink Panther at her last recital too. Our weather is crazy too. It snowed last week (24th of May) We thought Crystal should have won AI, but weren't too surprised (or upset) that Lee won. That's cool about the genealogy that you are doing. You guys are awesome.

Lydia said...

Loved the post, and the catching up segment. I just read that talk today - life is crazy, but after reading "Saints" I'm ready to refocus on the important stuff and be a little nicer in the process.

My feet are really sticky - i should probably go mop the kitchen.

Annette said...

Ha! I needed to read your post today! My feet are sticky too Lyd! You are a busy one. I'm so impressed with all you do! Cute, Cute catch up post. I think you need a pug ;)

Lindseys said...

I loved that you played play-doh with your 4 year old neighbor. Come play with Joe! He'd love it. I wonder which neighbor-mom he should invite over to play play-doh with him? Do I tidy up first? Of course not! But maybe just a little...