Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day and Early Church

Happy Mother's Day to all my favorite Mothers out there. I had a big post scheduled for this day. Maybe a little something about my own mom, her attributes, her talents and how I am daily striving to be like her. Or, maybe something about my kids, and how I feel a deep and protective love for them. Or possibly, a little sprinkling about the guy who helped me become a mother, and how I couldn't imagine a life without him. Or maybe a little bit about my hectic week, putting together gifts for all the mom's at church. And how it was a lot of work, but how it was all worth it in the end, after such a positive response from everyone. (One mom even commented it was the best thing she ever received at church on Mother's Day.)

But, after being at church for 5 minutes I saw these 2 boys and my whole outlook on Mother's Day changed. Meet Bryce and Carter Eggers, in my opinion they are the epitome of Mother's Day. (Carter, the little one, had a yellow tie hooked into "V" in his shirt a few minutes before this picture was taken. Classic Mother's Day fashion. Oh, and on Father's Day, their hair usually lays down flat.)

Mother's Day is the day when the family decides to let mom sleep in while the children make breakfast for her (to be eaten in bed, of course) This breakfast usually consists of soggy raisin bran and kool-ade, or runny eggs and burnt toast. After this nutritious feast, the father of said children, effortlessly, gets everyone ready for church while mom takes a leisurely shower (she may even squeeze in time to shave her legs. Yes, even her knees.) After a thorough inspection by dad, they all arrive at church, on time... even for the 9:00 meeting schedule. From their crooked, ketchup smeared smiles, it's clear their life couldn't be better. And, if you look carefully you can just make out the thought bubble over the dad's head that says, "Wow! That was a breeze. Apparently I am a natural. I thought it would be a lot harder considering how stressed and frazzled my wife seems to be every week. I'm glad I could help out." His satisfied look shows he's really quite proud of himself and his efforts. Next, glance over at the mom and you will see the thought bubble over her head that says, "I have the sweetest husband and the most beautiful kids. I love them so much." (Moms become experts in ignoring the obvious, wrinkled, mis-matched clothes, bed head and hours of recovery time that will be required come Monday morning.) And with a little more scrutiny, you'll be able to see the thought bubble over the rest of the congregation that says, "From the looks of it, Sister Eggers had a very "relaxing" morning while the rest of the family took care of EVERYTHING. How sweet."

So Moms, enjoy your day of Macaroni and Cheese dinner, brightly colored beaded necklaces, pom-pom ball covered, handmade cards and slobbery, snot-caked kisses. Cry your tears of joy and then go to bed early because there is a lot of recovery time ahead of you tomorrow.

Happy Mother's Day!


Carolina said...

Happy Mother's to you too, my friend!

Shannon B said...

Cute post! LOVE the cute pics of the boys. I however did not get soggy raisin bran OR mac n cheese (thank goodness) because I put aaron in charge of the food. I did get 3 home made cards and 2 macaroni necklaces and a lot of snotty kisses! LOVE IT!

Kelsi Meyer said...

Hey it was HOMEMADE macaroni and cheese :)

Caroline said...

What a darling post Stef! Sounds like you had a memorable day:-) I am recovering today as well;-) But it was worth it!

Tiffiny said...

Love the post. Mother's Day was a bit overrated for me this year. I'm dropping all expectations next year. (Although I'll hang on to the expectation of NOT being pregnant and hormonal next year...then maybe the day will hold more meaning in 2011)
The cupcakes were almost too pretty to eat... ALMOST. And they were very delicious. You did awesome!!

D-dawg said...

so true so true. That pic made me laugh and I knew what you would say right after I saw it. Also, Camden used to play with Logan when we lived there and his little brother now looks just like he did at that age.

I hope you had a great mother's day!

And your husband does look like RDJ!!!! AWESOME!

Annette said...

Hilarious! So true! I told my husband exactly what I wanted for mothers day this year and therefore I wasn't disappointed. Although, I still felt like I was in the kitchen too much (my own fault). Glad you got your much needed nap after a week of seminary and ward mothers day gifts to crack out!